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New York City Fire Department

441.100 MHz + 5 MHz shift PL 136.5

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6 Meter Transmitter

53.410 MHz -1 MHz shift
Pl 136.5
New York, NY

6 Meter Receiver
Located in Brooklyn, N. Y.

The 53.41 repeater is a split site repeater. The first site The Receiver, is located in the downtown Brooklyn Heights section of Brooklyn . Located in a 40 story Building sharing its space with the N2ROW 441.100 UHF repeater. It consist of a Motorola Spectra Tac Rx 50 ft of hardline, Celwave bandpass filter  and a coaxial low band antenna.


The transmitter is located in midtown Manhattan , on top of the Empire State building. TX is currently a low band 100 watt Motorola Micor base repeater with a Henry Amp 50 feet of Andrews 1/2 hardline and Kreco Low Band antenna.


The rx is wired to port 3 of the N2ROW 441.100 repeater system. All signal that are rx by the 6 meter rx is transmitted to uhf. The transmitting site has a receiver board listing to 441.100 so the ten meter transmitter and 70cm transmitter signals are all similcasting.


This method the uhf repeater is creating the RF link for 6 meters. Avoiding having to use a duplexer.

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