N2ROW Repeater System

441.100 MHz + 5 MHz shift PL 136.5

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1.25 Meter Repeater
224.34 MHz -1.6 MHz shift
Pl 136.5
Brooklyn, N. Y.

The repeater is located and coordinated in Brooklyn , N.Y. in the Brooklyn Heights section on top of a 40 story building.
The repeater consist of:

RX - Motorola Micor Spectra Tac Receiver
TX - SCR1000 Transmitter @ 75 Watts
Wacom Duplexer
220 Mhz Dual Stage Circulator
TX/RX 220MHz Bandpass Filter for the receive
50' of 7/8" Hardline
Decibel 4 bay 220 MHz Antenna with about 6 db of gain
Celwave preamp
Scom 7k Controller

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