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me at the XARC mike

Western New York Packet Network Map

track APRS stations around Rochester NY

Echolink - XARC repeater connected to the world via Internet

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special events

XARC Field Day |'97, |'98, |'02,|more on XARC's web page

Skyway Golf  '01

Disaster Drill Packet 9/14/97 - picturesand article

Fox hunts ( hidden transmitter hunts )

Boy Scouts try ham radio at 1997 Camporee

JOTA '97 |'99 |'00 - Jamboree On The Air

Radio Coaches

Radio Coaches are volunteer technology teachers. Here we are touring N1MU's RF lab at Microwave Data Systems in our first ('98-'99) season with some School 43 fifth graders

radio coach

Since then we've been coaching sixth graders at Jefferson Middle School in Rochester, NY

Pocket Packet

I put these together in the mid 90s just to show how small a packet station can get. They really work, but I don't use them for anything practical. I can actually hold these in one hand and type/write with the other. I run APRS on the HP.

 packet setup 1
 packet setup 2
 Standard C510A ht, Heath Pocket Packet TNC, Pilot running PalmTerm  

 Icom IC2SAT, Kantronics KPC-3, HP 100lx

Mobile Packet / APRS

 packet setup

 In the mid 1990s I used this setup to send road rally scores to the finish line ahead of the rallyers. I actually connected to nodes at 55 m.p.h. The GPS was used in standalone mode (not APRS).    at STPR 2000 I worked packet with Roger and Kenneth
 Icom IC2SAT, Kantronics KPC-3, Tandy Model 100, Garmin 45 GPS in my Samurai.    more pix here


 2004 APRS setup for public service events. Click picture for details    my APRS track as I followed bikers on the Tour De Cure 2004


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