XARC's famous repeater is now linked to the Internet.

EchoLink is software that allows ham radio operators to access other radios around the world from their computers or linked repeaters.

With the aid of the Echolink servers, one can talk with other Hams from computer to computer, computer to radio, radio to computer, or radio to radio, with help from the internet.

To use EchoLink from your computer:

echolink screenshot

download the free software from the Echolink home page. There are instructions there on it's use. This may not work from behind corporate firewalls. Our node number is 44856. You'll use your computer speakers and microphone to emulate your radio.

To use EchoLink from your radio:

  please do not connect to a conference. Our repeater's beeps, CW and voice will disrupt users trying to conference world wide. *

If you've never used HF before, it may take some getting used to. Remember to tell folks where you are and leave some extra time between transmissions to allow stations to break in.

The simplest way to use EchoLink is to just listen for a user to connect to the repeater. Hopefully the remote user will identify and call CQ.

Echolink codes, like autopatch codes, are for XARC members only. To connect to a specific user or repeater, you need their node number. A frequently updated list is here. The random codes will pick a station for you and connect to it.

Conference servers are like conference calls or round tables with several users connected together.

View Current Stations

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graphical USA node map


query (search) the node database

* the sysop may connect the repeater to a conference in listen mode only. Users transmissions will not go to the conference, but they may request the repeater for local use.

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 updated 12/22/03