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This is how I create the export files for this webpage.

By Alan Murray, N2BQF

This page is still under construction.  When all the information is in place these lines will be removed.

Topics covered

Programs & files use to create webpage & upload files

These are the programs that I use to help me collect export files from packet bbs that I do not have a direct telnet with.

  • Time saver number one
  • Time saver number two
  • Unzipping the files
  • FBB files
  • Creating the files for import
  • Creating the files for the web page
  • Uploading files to webpage
  • Where to get export files
  • Much of the work in creating these export  files are automated with batch files.

    So if you feel comfortable with batch files you'll see they work great.

    It has taken many of months to get these batch files to work the way they do.

    There is probably a easier way to do it but, I just did it the best way I know.

    If you can streamline the batch files I would like to know. 

    I plan on working on this page as time allows 

    The first step is collecting the files:

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    Time saver number one: Download Netcaptor

    I use Netcaptor ver. 7.5.4. Why use Netcaptor?  Netcaptor is a Microsoft Internet Explorer like browser with the exception you can open multiple windows and switch between each window by clicking on that window tab.  If you download files from multiple site you'll find this browser a time saver (Isn't that what it all about?).  This browser work great if you're using a cable modem or have DSL service.

    Time saver number two: Download Download Accelerator

    This free plug-in accelerates download speeds from both FTP and HTTP sites. It uses multiple connections to retrieve files and can simultaneously download fragments of files. Download Accelerator plugs into your browser and functions automatically when a file is downloaded.

    Here's what the manufacture has to say about  Download Accelerator

    There are other accelerator here that you might want to look at.

    Other files required:  PKZIP  ver. 2.50 for DOS (if you have the windows version & know how to use the command line prompts from a batch you can try a newer version.)

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    Unzipping files you've downloaded:

    A. To  download this file un_zip.bat

    Un_zip.bat with comments 

    1. e:

    2. cd\da

    3. d:\utility\pkunzip -t *.zip > errors.wri

    4. notepad errors.wri

    5. pause

    6. d:\utility\pkunzip *.zip

    7. if exist *.txt ren *.txt *

    8. if exist *.out ren *.out *

    9. if exist *.imp ren *.imp *

    10. if exist *.fwd ren *.fwd *

    11. del \DA\*.zip

    Line 1.  This is my work drive

    Line 2.  This is where my files are downloaded to

    Line 3.  My DOS based unzip program is located on this drive\folder

    Line 4.  This line just tests the file to make sure it is not damaged.  I can then delete the damaged file without unzipping it.  You must have multiple windows open to do this

    Line 5.  Will unzip ALL zip files in that (\DA) subdirectory 

    Later on I'll change the filenames of the files unzipped and Windows make you work a little harder if you try to change the name of a file extensions that windows knows how to handle. 

     That why on line 6, 7, 8, 9, I get rid of all of the extensions.  There maybe duplicate files when you do this but windows will prompt you for a new file name.

    Line 10.  Cleans up the mess left by Pkunzip, Deletes all zip files in that subdirectory.

    Now create the individual files to export:

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    FBB files:

    These are my FBB export files for mail.  Your may be different for the bbs software that you use.  Take note of line 7 as it will be used later when zipping file for the webpage.

    These are the files that I use to create the individual export areas for fbb. You can  download the individual exports here (amsat can eur  fra oc sam usa www ) or download all of them  . 

    B.  Make the files to import into your bbs make_mail.bat

    Other files Optional:   mailren.exe, mailren.cfg,

    If you don't have the time to import files the above file will do the work importing multiple files to your bbs. just puts a timed pause into the file so you can see what the file is doing.  This get pretty old fast and you can remove those line

    MAKE_MAIL.BAT with comments

    This is the work horse, only the last few sections are shown here to explain how the file works.
    rem No mail files exist so start here creating files upwards 
    copy N1+N2+N3+N4+N5+N6+N7+N8+N9+N10+N11+N12+N13+N14+N15
    copy N16+N17+N18+N19+N20+N21+N22+N23+N24+N25+N26+N27+N28+N29+N30 MAIL.001
    copy N31+N32+N33+N34+N35+N36+N37+N38+N39+N40+N41+N42+N43+N44+N45 MAIL.002
    copy N46+N47+N48+N49+N50+N51+N52+N53+N54+N55+N56+N57+N58+N59+N60 MAIL.003
    copy N61+N62+N63+N64+N65+N66+N67+N68+N69+N70+N71+N72+N73+N74+N75 MAIL.004
    copy N76+N77+N78+N79+N80+N81+N82+N83+N84+N85+N86+N87+N88+N89+N90 MAIL.005
    copy N91+N92+N93+N94+N95+N96+N97+N98+N99+N100+N101+N102+N103+N104 MAIL.006
    copy N105+N106+N107+N108+N109+N110+N111+N112+N113+N114+N115+N116 MAIL.007
    sleep 5
    Prior to starting this batch file you've already renamed your import n1,n2......

    The above lines put all of the smaller import files into several larger import files.  You may not have that many to import, but just in case you do, this batch file can handle it.  

    When this part of the batch is finished the files are named, mail.001, mail.002 ......

    goto end 

    @echo off
    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo Finish creating files
    @echo .
    @echo .
    for %%a IN (mail.*) do if exist mail.* move mail.* D:\fbb

    The files, mail.001.... are move to your fbb import folder

    for %%a IN (n??*) do if exist n??* move n??*  \temp

    The files n1,n2,n3.... are move to a temp folder. You can delete them rather than save them if your short on hard disk space.
    sleep 4
    goto fin

    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo .
    sleep 4
    goto fin

    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo Fix Problem or try later when fbb has exported more files
    @echo Batch files will only create a limited number 
    @echo of (024) files then stop if MAIL.017 
    @ECHO exist when MAKE MAIL is run multiple times.
    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo . 
    sleep 4

    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo .
    DIR D:\fbb\mail.*
    cd \fbb
    if not exist ren mail.001
    if exist mail.002 ren mail.002 mail.001
    if exist mail.003 ren mail.003 mail.002
    DIR D:\fbb\mail.*
    SLEEP 4
    If you run this batch file again and there are no n1,n2... files found then the batch will try to rename the import files located in the fbb directory.  The file mailren.exe will do the same thing but it will only do so once and hour when CRON is run.  It will also show you a list of mail file waiting.

    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo .
    @echo .
    DIR /w e:\da\mail.*
    sleep 4

    sleep 5
    rem ---------- eof ------------------

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    C.  Create the webpage files  

    To create the actual zip file for the web page I use this  file.

    D.  upload the webpage files


    To upload files to the webpage I have one batch file for each day of the week along with it's corresponding scr file.

    If you use cuteFTP you can use these files to automate your upload.     

    Where to get export files

    Many site do not stay active for a long period of time. So the sites that I may have listed here many not be online anymore. If you should find one of the links not working please let me know so I can update this page.  Here are a few site where you can download bulletins:



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