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Packet Bulletins Via Email

Now you can get Packet radio bulletin updates several times a day in your email by joining any of the following groups

The Mailing list for Bulletins are separated into the groups listed below. You may join as many mailing list groups as you like or as few as you wish.

Packet Bulletins will be sent several time a day if they are available.  (see note below)


Type of bulletins

  • Satellite
  • Canadian area
  • European area
  • France area
  • All other areas
  • Oceania area
  • South America area
  • USA area
  • @www route
  • All of the above areas
  • 7 plus (7+)
  • 7 plus files

  • My two original packet mailing list groups

    If you still want to get the traditional once or twice a day export with all of the above areas you can join any or both of of these two groups

    pbull - All bulletins separated into 9 areas and grouped into one zip file.

    pb-plus - 7 plus files, multiple files sent daily.

    My webpages:





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