Homebrew projects for radio & electronics enthusiasts

Do you like to tinker? Do you enjoy the satisfaction of building neat stuff that's inexpensive and actually useful?

Then make yourself at home, because nothing you build with your own two hands is ever a waste of time!
Even if it doesn't work perfectly the first time, you will learn something. When it does work, the satisfaction is priceless.

I have collected information and plans to give you a boost on a variety of subjects

Build Something Project Page Go here.

Interested in building yourself a guyed tower? Go here.

Want to build an antenna? Here are some plans I have developed. Go here.

Interested in repeater building? Look over here.

Want to get the best transmitting audio from your rig? Go here.

Having trouble with Radio Frequency Interference? Step into this room.

Just want to read and learn? Kick back in here.

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