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This is a small video series hosted on YouTube which is aimed toward hobbyists & hackers covering topics related to amateur radio, homebrew electronics, test equipment, computer and telphone network exploration, mad science experiments, and other similar interests.

It's not very good and there are MUCH better videos from other people on YouTube.  I encourage you to support those instead.  If there is enough interest, I'll try to make more videos.


  1. GBPPR Vision #1: EIP Model 545A Microwave Frequency Counter

  2. GBPPR Vision #2: Cleaning RF Connectors

  3. GBPPR Vision #3: Cutting & Cleaning Printed Circuit Board Material

  4. GBPPR Vision #4: Op-Amps for Audio Surveillance - Part 1

  5. GBPPR Vision #5: Op-Amps for Audio Surveillance - Part 2

  6. GBPPR Vision #6: Op-Amps for Audio Surveillance - Part 3

  7. GBPPR Vision #7: Review of the AADE L/C Meter IIB

  8. GBPPR Vision #8: Overview of the JAMCAT
    • Audio-activated jammer adapter for a two-way radio.
    • GBPPR JAMCAT  Article and schematic.

  9. GBPPR Vision #9: 2.45 GHz Coffee Can Antennas

  10. GBPPR Vision #10: Tuning a 2.45 GHz Coffee Can Antenna
    • Use a RF sweep generator, a directional coupler, and a spectrum analyzer to tune a 2.45 GHz antenna.
    • The directional coupler is RF Power SDC-202-302-R1-8 and covers 1.5 - 4 GHz.
    • Return Loss
    • Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR)

  11. GBPPR Vision #11: Battlefield Laser Warning Receiver

  12. GBPPR Vision #12: HP3336B to HP3336C Conversion

  13. GBPPR Vision #13: Radio Shack Discone Antenna

  14. GBPPR Vision #14: Radio Shack Discone Antenna Frequency Response

  15. GBPPR Vision #15: 800 MHz Band Cellular Phone Jammer

  16. GBPPR Vision #16: Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer - Part 1

  17. GBPPR Vision #17: Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer - Part 2

  18. GBPPR Vision #18: Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer - Part 3

  19. GBPPR Vision #19: Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer - Part 4

  20. GBPPR Vision #20: Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer - Part 5

  21. GBPPR Vision #21: Tracking Generator for a HP8569 Spectrum Analyzer

  22. GBPPR Vision #22: Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer - Part 6
    • Tips for constructing the IF amplifier module for the Scotty Spectrum Analyzer project.
    • Scotty's Spectrum Analyzer  Build a 1 GHz RF spectrum analyzer inexpensively.
    • IF Amplifier  Construction tips and notes.
    • SLIM IF Amplifier  Stock IF amplifier for the Scotty Spectrum Analyzer project.

  23. GBPPR Vision #23: 21.4 MHz FM Demodulator

  24. GBPPR Vision #24: HP3478A Battery Replacement

  25. GBPPR Vision #25: Overview of the NSA's CTX4000/PHOTOANGLO Radar Units

  26. GBPPR Vision #26: Overview of the NSA's TAWDRYYARD Radar Retro-Reflector

  27. GBPPR Vision #27: Overview of the NSA's LOUDAUTO Radar Retro-Reflector

  28. GBPPR Vision #28: Overview of the NSA's RAGEMASTER Radar Retro-Reflector

  29. GBPPR Vision #29: Oak Creek, Wisconsin Hamfest
    • Raw video from the July 12, 2014 hamfest in Oak Creek, Wisconsin sponsored by the South Milwaukee Amateur Radio Club.  It started to rain, so I had to kinda hurry through.  It was also difficult to carry the camera and all the crap I bought, so the video is very shaky with lots of images of gravel and grass.  Oh well...
    • Loot
    • The South Milwaukee Amateur Radio Club Swapfest

  30. GBPPR Vision #30: Very-Low Frequency Converter

  31. GBPPR Vision #31: HP4328A Milliohmmeter Overview & Probe Construction


  1. Jeri Ellsworth  Amateur science and electronics experiments by Jeri Ellsworth
  2. EEVblog: Electronics Engineering Video Blog  An off-the-cuff video blog by Dave Jones about electronics engineering for engineers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, hackers, and makers.  (Censored EEVBlog Forum Posts)
  3. W2AEW's Electronics, Test Equipment, Ham Radio, and Misc. Videos  Videos by Alan Wolke on hobby electronics, test & measurement, ham radio, and other stuff.  Really good oscilloscope tutorials.
  4. N2CUA  Extra class amateur radio operator Randy Swart and electronics technician for over 40 years.
  5. Solar Power and Electronic Measurements  Videos by Martin Lorton for anyone interested in solar power, electronic measurement equipment, multimeters, and other bits and bobs!
  6. Adafruit Industries  Adafruit was founded in 2005 by MIT engineer, Limor "Ladyada" Fried.  Her goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels.
  7. The Signal Path  An electrical engineering video blog for students, hobbyist and hackers by Shahriar Shahramian
  8. The Ben Heck Show  Join master hacker, engineer, and tech hobbyist Ben Heckendorn as he tackles new and fun interesting projects each week.
  9. Dr. L. R. Linares  Electrical engineering video tutorials straight from a professor.
  10. KF5OBS Video Blog  Electronics and RF-related video blog by Sebastian Westehold.
  11. SignalsEverywhere  Computer security and amateur radio related videos from Harold of DeAuthThis.  (Website)
  12. Connor Wolf  Electronics teardowns and EE-related waffling.
  13. Gerry Sweeney  This is my electronics video blog, dedicated to stuff that I fix, review, take apart, design or build.
  14. Oona Räisänen  A self-taught signals and electronics hacker from Helsinki, Finland.  (Website)
  15. ObsoleetTV  Where old technology goes to live.  (Website)
  16. Intermediate Electronics Blog  The purpose of this blog is to try to present useful content to the electronics experimenter.  I try to stay away from very simple subjects that can be easily obtained.  By Julio Rodriguez.
  17. Project23D  Various technical tips and techniques from Benjamin Naber.
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