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The Premier DX Club of LA County, California




The Mid-Valley DX Club specializes in two-way amateur contacts on all modes. We are a club of individual operators who are looking to enhance the hobby of amateur radio and its operators, General Class and higher. We encourage any and all to support the HF Bands of the hobby. So please come join our exclusive club and we hope that you bring some great ideas to the club.

We specialize and participate in various awards programs. The club also gives out special awards for various contacts with the club on a time to time basis. The club is now giving out a award for: New Club Friendship Award. The Mid-Valley DX Club is a new developed club within the last recent months and looking to improve and enhance its club membership, so as a part of any type of contact with the club it has a special certificate that it is giving out for (2 green stamps) and/or a QSL card as an option if you are not looking for a certificate.


We sponsor and support the following 40 Meter Net groups:


Triple HHH Net


                      3905 Century Club


The Mid-Valley DX Club works both of these HF 40 Meter nets in support of the various HF contact awards. Some examples of various awards are: WAS (Worked All States), DXCC (100 Countries Worked), and ITOA (100 Islands Worked), including various awards for different type of contacts, on many different types of modes of operation on the HF Bands.


The Mid-Valley DX Club is a sponsor of the:

American Radio Relay League

The Mid-Valley DX Club supports the various awards that the league offers to Amateur Radio Operators who are members. The Mid-Valley DX Club is not a member as of yet with the league, but the trustee of the Club (KB6HT, Joseph P. deFulgentiis) is a member of league.

If you would like to send correspondence to the club, please forward all information to the following email address: [email protected] , or you can click on our mail box below

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