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eQSO is a complete dedicated ham radio internet gateway and server system.  It is intended for use by RF gateways and PC users connected to the internet.

http://www.qsl.net/m0zpd is now a mirror of the main site at http://www.eQSO.net please book mark the new site.

All help and support has moved to http://www.eQSO.org.

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Paul (M0ZPD).

Version 1.13 is now available for general use

In order to use this program you must be a licensed radio amateur or must be connected to an off-air room.

PC user installation eqso.exe

RF gateway zip eqso_rf.zip

Server zip server.zip

Release notes

Known Bugs

1. When connecting to a password protected server with the RF gateway and the auto-reconnect checkbox ticked, and, the wrong password.  The message box telling you about the incorrect password will be displayed multiple times, and, you must close the program from task manager.

Planned enhancements (no particular order).

  1. DTMF and tone burst decoding - allowing client control via RF.
  2. Recordable as voice courtesy, id and help. 
  3. Run as an NT service.
  4. Individual idle id times and separate message.
  5. Alternate courtesy tone for the link is connected, but, no other user is in the room.
  6. Separate ID/courtesy for each client
  7. ALC / AGC
  8. time out on overs+penalise timeouts.
  9. WAV file announcements.
  10. Switch Gateways on/off via telephone + RF
  11. Gateways to display time to next ID's.
  12. bright red screen if talking.
  13. record and playback to RF.
  14. Reduce the Admin programs startup time.
  15. Allow e-mailing of restrictions between server sysops.
  16. Server log file size reduction.
  17. Audio quality (remove the clicks).
  18. allow Administrators to send  messages direct to users display.
  19. remove courtesy tones for very short overs.
  20. system monitor to default to collapsed.
  21. Allow finer grain administrators eg. room level.


I am a member of the Hillcrest Amateur Radio Society http://www.hillcrestars.co.uk  For what's on see http://www.g8jvw.fsnet.co.uk

I would like to thank all theq many Amateurs all over the world who have helped, over the past 6 months, in the development of eQSO.  I would especially like to thank the following amateurs for their help, support, suggestions, and, most importantly patience in creating and supporting this system :

Dave G4CGB, David 2E1EHM, Chris G4FZN, John G0WZL, and, Johnny K5JD. 


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