eQSO by M0ZPD Release Notes

Changes 1.12 - 1.13

System monitor

The bandwidth required for the system monitor has been reduced.

The system monitor random scrolling and expanding has been fixed.

Various bugs about connecting to rooms using the system monitor have been fixed.

The system monitor will now verify the servers names before adding them to the list.

PC Client

The PTT button now greys out when you shouldn't talk.  This is to allow repeaters and links to reset.

A new password field has been added to allow access to private servers.

Various connection bugs have been fixed.

RF Gateway

In addition to the PC Client fixes, the RF gateway, now supports hardware squelch.


The servers can now be password protected.

The Number of users on a server can be limited.

Entry boxes for server comment and sysop e-mail address have been added.

Support to disallow older clients to connect has been added.


The Restrictions dialog has been completely rewritten.  It is now  a normal windows list view, with column sort, multiple select etc.  It is also resizeable.

(Its been such a long time preparing this version, that I've probably forgotten a few things....  Hi Hi!).

Changes 1.11 - 1.12

The M0ZPD internet gateway system has now found a name. 

The Servers can now talk to a central web server which will maintain a global list of active servers.

 eQSO and eQSO RF Gateway have a new button which will start the eQSO system monitor.

The eQSO system monitor connects to the central web server, and, displays a tree of active servers and rooms.

Select a server, room, or, user in the system monitor and press the connect button, and, the main program will

automatically move to that location.


This should help reduce the overcrowding we are experiencing in room 101 on repeater.dns2go.com by enabling everyone

to see what's going on elsewhere.  Please spread out!  If room 101 gets too full  then unfortunately it cannot cope, and, users

are disconnected.


In order to further reduce bandwidth, the list of users and their comments are now transmitted over the internet

in a compressed form.


Changes 1.08 - 1.11

Version 1.09 and 1.10 were test version only, to make sure the new features worked reliably.

1. The Server is much more stable.

2. Bugs with users being unable to connect after a banned user tries to reconnect fixed.

3. Server Crashes when people moved from room to room too quickly  fixed.

4. RF gateway - Rig TX control.  Use the Rig Keying button to set it up.

5. PC user version has more preset servers and rooms.

Changes 1.07 - 1.08

1. The Client has a drop down list of rooms available on the server (predefined or currently active), and, can change room without disconnecting.

2. The server has a configurable list of preferred rooms.

3. The remote admin program has been extended to allow abusers of the system to be restricted. (mute or kicked off).

4. Network bandwidth has been slightly reduced.

5. Gaps in audio have been reduced.

6. Versions of the client before 1.06 can no longer transmit audio to the server.

Changes 1.06 - 1.07

1. The Server has a password protected remote monitor system.

2. Sound Blaster 16 and other half-duplex sound cards now supported.

3. PTT can be done with the space bar.

4. Preset Server lists can be created and edited.

5. Simplified PC user version. No Gateway features.

Changes 1.05 - 1.06

1. Client/server communication sub-system completely rewritten. 

2. Resource leek problems fixed. (Please tell me if you find another one!)

3. The server now monitors connection speed and queue sizes, and, will disconnect users who are holding up everyone else!.

4. Silence level slider made less sensitive.  You should find that the silence level is much further to the right than before.

5. Silent users no longer send masses of packets to the server.  One every couple of seconds now.

Changes 1.04 - 1.05

1. More server stability tweaks.

2. Client audio system completely re-written. Older sound cards now supported, annoying clicks on received audio fixed.

3. VOX/Silence detect enhancements.  VOX level now signals to the server that you wish to talk. Silence level slider added.  Correctly adjusting these should fix the choppy audio problem.

4. The Room list now scrolls to ensure the person who is talking is always visible.

5. VOX checkbox remembers its state between program runs.

Changes 1.02 - 1.04

1. Server resource leak fixed.  (should make the server more stable).

2. Clients resource leak fixed.

3. Clients now support other audio modes 11kHz and 22kHz.  This should enable any sound card to be used.  I have been unable to check the sound quality of the mapping algorithm, so would be interested in some feedback on this one.

4. Clients should not lock up when disconnecting - even if audio startup failed.

Changes 1.01-1.02

1. Client and Server stability - The programs should no longer crash or lock up.  (I hope!).

2. CW settings now sticky.

Changes 1.00-1.01

1. Window 95/98 install procedure. The installation no longer installs any system files, the program was built on Windows XP which uses MSVCRT.DLL v7 which would appear to not be backwardly compatible with v6.  Thanks Microsoft!

2. PTT button no longer latches on. left mouse down on the button to talk, button up to stop.

3. Courtesy tones now queued with incoming audio, so that they are generated in synch with the audio to which they relate, and, not sent as soon as they arrive from the server.