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My name is Dennis MØMMX and gained my call in 2010 (hence MMX).

I do not have a long history in radio having started when nearly sixty years old, I did however, have a short spell playing CB in the AM days (I was a country music guitarist and truck salesman, it fitted the lifestyle).

From the outset my objective was to learn CW and this has become my passion. In the few short years since I struggled to learn the basics I have made so many friends both on air and at meetings, I can think of no other hobby that can be so mentally stimulating and cost effective.

My shack is basic and situated in the front room of the house --- my rig is an Icom 7300 and antenna is an end fed, it leaves the front room window and enters the front bedroom window then zig zags its way across the bedroom and landing into the bathroom exiting the window to a fishing rod tied to the washing line post. My antenna matching unit is a home brew L Match,a photo is on qrz.com/mØmmx. I have also built a Mag Loop---click Antenna page on the menu.

I am not a collector of keys but I have some which are pictured on the "key" page, my favourites are my Vibroplex Lightening and Les Logan Bugs together with the beautiful Begali Classic.

With my modest gear I have had many hours of fun and experienced many adrenalin rushes, all in the safety of the home.

I also love reading amateur radio news, here are some links to today's items:-