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Hello this is M0KLL (Keith ) writing.
A little bit about myself and  my hobbies.
I was born at a very young age one August day in Workington (Moss Bay).

That was back in 1952. Shortly after my birth the three of us up sticks to a place called Grimethorpe near Barnsley

In Grimethorpe I spent several years as a minor, so did my dad at Grimethorpe Colliery.
A day I'll never forget November 20th 1960 a Sunday dad moved us north to Sunderland.

I am married and so is my wife she has been married to me since July 1974 I can't for the life of me remember what day we got married.

How did I come into Ham Radio well back in 2003 I was talking to an 2E0MBB (Mike an M3 at the time) he explained about getting License. So I enlisted at GB4TTF Bishop Auckland Amateur Radio Club in Stanley Crook, County Durham. I became an M3 that weekend. Three months later I was asked by M0ACV (Tim) if I would like to go on the last RAE exam which I did, and passed then I was issued with my M0 license. That was December 2003 and the rest as they say is history.

My other hobby is that of Metal Detecting you know one of those odd men who go out in all sorts of weather
searching the fields of this Country looking for bits of scrap metal which I do quite successfully. Other detectorist find Gold  and Silver  even Bronze items, me I find bits of lead, copper and coke cans.......but I enjoy metal detecting in so far I run a group of metal detectorists under the banner of The Northumbrian Search Society (Google it)....membership of our club is in excess of 220 members. A truly fascinating hobby for all types of folk from children to Grandads and Grandmothers. My finds to date consists of Bronze age flat axe over 4,000 years old ,Celtic, Roman, Saxon and Medieval coinage and jewellery brooches button etc
With that I'll wish you all a fond farewell and thank you for dropping by...
Toddle Pip