QRSS Links and Resources.

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Information on QRSS theory, operation and modes.

Rik Strobbe, ON7YD, "Extreme narrow bandwidth techniques"  

QRSS and you.

Software for QRSS.

ARGO, perhaps the most popular QRSS viewing software written by I2PHD

"Spectran" (also by I2PHD) is a spectral analysis program which is also well suited to QRSS viewing.

"Spectrum Lab"  by DL4YHF is also suitable for QRSS and is also useful for other applications too.

WSJT & WSPR (Pronounced "Whisper") are new modes for QRSS written by Joe Taylor, K1JT.

Connecting your computer's sound card to your receiver.



See QRSS live, now via these on-line receivers.

A number of QRSS enthusiasts have HF receivers connected to a PC uploading real-time screen captures of qrss signals to the web. Since both the number and status of these on-line resources may vary I2NDT has created a "Grabber compendium page" which brings together as many of the on-line grabbers as possible onto a single page. Because of the unpredictable nature of radio propagation we do not promise you will see QRSS signals every time you view the grabbers so its worth checking back from time-to-time.


Link to I2NDT Grabber Compendium.

Web pages of some fellow QRSS enthusiasts.

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Andrea (IW0HK)

Andy (G4OEP)

Claudio (I2NDT)

David (VK6DI )

Hans (G0UPL)

Useful Components for QRSS

The PICAXE range of user friendly micro controllers.

Other QRSS Resources.

Basic propagation theory pages by G4NSJ

Propagation prediction software.

Amateur Radio related links (Various)

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The "Soldersmoke" Pod cast web site. (Very interesting ham radio technical discussion on various subjects)

Co-creator of Soldersmoke, Bill - M0HBR's "Gadgeteer" homepage.

The Radio Society of Great Britain web site.

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) web site.

The GQRP club web pages.

Narrow Bandwidth Television (Link to the Narrow Bandwidth Television Association web site)