UA3DJY and a group created on the basis of WSJT ,their vision for the JT65 which turned out to be very successful, after the advent of the FT8, they also went through it very successfully, unfortunately for now there is no version for the FT4 .FT8 decoder more than 40-60 radio stations per session with a regular antenna, which is unattainable from the original, and has many additional features , unfortunately no contest function , but the advantages over other FT8 programs are undeniable.

The installation of the JTDX is identical to the WSJT.

Please visit the page to download the latest version - , /JTDX v2.0.2-rc139 (MS Windows)

Note the following before you begin the installation -DO NOT INSTALL IN PROGRAM FILES,
install on disk C and plug the USB cable into the computer and the transceiver ALT-512

insert V to Create JTDX Desktop Icon

install on disk C .

After the installation is complete and the JTDX starts,

open Settubgs... in directory File

fill in My Call:/Your Call/ ; My Grid: /Your Grid/ and insert "V" where I put it .

then open now "Radio" in Settings and fill in as shown Rig:

OmniRig Rig 1

PTT Method : RTS

Port: CAT

Now to Test CAT and Test PTT , Please turn Test CAT and after this Test PTT

in these actions ALT-512 must pass transmission, please click again Test PTT stop the red color on it and press OK , now open Audio ...

select :


Output: Speakers(USB AUDIO CODEC)

and press OK

ALT-512 it's already set up for work, but learn the help to get it working ...









created by Doby LZ2TU 2019