Please download before the latest version: UPDATE ALT-512 v-trx3.1.03.10.rar

or latest version: UPDATE ALT-512 v-trx3.1.03.11.rar

The difference between the two versions is: the old one you can switch off and on the IF from the button labeled IF, also in menu number-2.

2. in the new version - you cannot turn off and on the IF from the button labeled IF , only in menu number-2.

unzip it :




1. ALT-512 Firmware Update Procedures.docx is Word a similar installation

explanation as : UPDATE ALT-512 , use whichever is convenient for you .

2. trx3.1.03.10.fw or trx3.1.03.11.fw: this file for UPDATE

3. updatefirmware2.0.0_x64.exe : for 64 bit Windows operating system

4. updatefirmware2.0.0_x86.exe : for 32 bit Windows operating system




created by Doby LZ2TU 2019