Welcome to my site. Here you will find various things about HAM RADIO. There will be many links to other sites of interest, but I will try to include as much unique stuff as possible. Items about ham radio in my country will be dominant, but not alone. Although the site is not too rich at the present moment, it will be constantly improved. The present quality and design may not be what you'd like, but I am new to HTML programming, so things go somewhat slowly. The site is going to improve as fast as I improve my HTML knowledge. Bookmark this site for future reference.
Last Updated on 24-nov-2003

My Ham Story

QSL Info and Online Logs

LZ QSL bureau users

LZ100JVA special event station

LZ04KM SSTV operation
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I have developed a few useful utilities for those who need to convert their log files to the ADIF standard. They were generously hosted for download by Andy VE9DX, before I had made my personal page, so I decided to leave them there. The following formats are available: LogEQF9, Gemradio, SLog2.09, Hyperlog4xx, Logplus, WJ2O, OH1AA, Toplog. Feel free to download and use them.
ADIF conversion utilities

This is a link to the official site of the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs. Unfortunately it is still available only in Bulgarian language.

High Speed CW
Ham Stuff made in Bulgaria