LZ1ABC software -- last updated 17.08.2006

PottyLog - Java program.
Convert your paper logs to electronic ones(by typing of course:)),
but somehow faster than other programs.
Any suggestions for making the program better are welcome. 
It's on of my first Java programs, so  don't expect much.
-Works under Linux. 	
-Requires JRE from http://java.com/en/.                               
After installation just type:  java -jar PottyLog.jar ,  to start it. 

Here is the software for the computer controlled automatic antenna tuner
 my father made. The scheme is not published yet. But soon will be... 

This program records sound from the microphone and writes the data into
 files. It's very useful for recording a contest and later you can put it on the i-net,
 so people can hear themselves. Here is how!
-File names are of the kind:  2005-11-26 0019.wav , where yyyy-mm-dd time.wav
-The program is in  version beta 1.0. 
-You can compress the sound files with Ogg Vorbis (www.vorbis.com).
-It's completely free.
-If you have problems listening to Ogg Vorbis files go to: http://www.vorbis.com/

Download Recorder                                                                           source code here 
 											 (It's C/C++ and the project is  done with VS 2005)

email me at: