Los Angeles County Disaster Communications Service
South Los Angeles, Lomita & Marina del Rey Stations – Districts 3, 17 & 27

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Routine: 12/04/2023 1100 hours
To: All Members
From: Jerry Kendrick, T-03

Tonight's District nets at 1930 hours will use the 2-meter W6TRW repeater cross-linked with the 440 Rolling Hills repeater, our 2-meter TAC-1 simplex frequency, our 220 simplex frequency with an NBEMS message following the voice portion, the 440 PV-West repeater, and concluding with another NBEMS message on 2-meter TAC-1. All DCS members and members of the city-affiliated disaster amateur radio groups of the South Bay are encouraged to check in.

Routine: 12/04/2023 1105 hours
To: All Members
From: Deane Bouvier, Staff 50

Please sign up to help with our District nets and provide our District report on the County net. We encourage you to come to the station or operate from home. Even without good simplex coverage you could do the main net on the crosslinked repeaters from home. Scripts and the net assignments are on the District website. Find a schedule vacancy and contact me at [email protected] with any Monday when you can help. The 48 hour participation limit will be enforced this year.

Routine: 12/04/2023 1115 hours
To: All Members
From: Deane Bouvier, Staff 50

The uncoordinated signal on the PV-West repeater's frequency pair is now gone but we encourage all members to use the PV-West repeater and keep this channel active.

Routine: 12/04/2023 1130 hours
To: All Members
From: Diana Feinberg, Staff 60

Our final weekly nets this year will be on Monday, December 18. If you need additional DCS hours consider operating as a net control and be sure to check in during our remaining 2023 nets. Additionally, if you have any unreported DCS hours in 2023 please advise me as soon as possible.

Routine: 12/04/2023 1135 hours
To: All Members
From: Diana Feinberg, Staff 60

It's our turn to operate the County DCS net next Monday night, December 11. Please advise if you are able to operate a portion of the net from the Lomita Station.

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