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Routine: 03-13-2016 2300 hours
To: All Members
From: Jerry Kendrick, T-03

This week's District net at 1930 hours Monday from the Lomita Sheriff's Station will use the W6TRW 2-meter repeater (cross-linked on the 440 Rolling Hills repeater), our Alternate #1 2-meter simplex frequency, our 220 simplex frequency, and the 440 PV-West repeater in that sequence. All L.A. County DCS, Gardena DCS, HBARA, NART, PVAN, RBARA, and TARA members are encouraged to check in. An NBEMS digital message will be sent on the PV-West repeater following the voice net there. We won't have a DCS District net the following Monday, March 21. due to the DCS Annual Member Meeting that evening.

Routine: 03-13-2016 2305 hours
To: All Members
From: Deane Bouvier, Staff 50

On Monday, March 28, we are operating the Countywide DCS Monday night net as well as our District net from the South Los Angeles Sheriff's Station. We will use all bands at South L.A. and need additional members to operate there that evening. Diana, Staff 60, will be driving a carpool from the Lomita Station to South Los Angeles Station and I can meet anyone else in Torrance on the way to South Los Angeles. Please let us know if you can participate on March 28.

Routine: 03-13-2016 2310 hours
To: All Members
rom: Deane Bouvier, Staff 50

We would like all DCS members to help operate our Monday night nets at least once annually alongside other District members. Please contact me at [email protected] with one or more Mondays in 2016 that work for you. Most of our Monday night nets will be from the Lomita Station but periodically operate at South Los Angeles Station.

Routine: 03-13-2016 2330 hours
To: All Members
From: Diana Feinberg, Staff 60

Deane, Staff 50, recently updated our Lomita District website to reflect covering all 14 South Bay cities comprising Area G of the Los Angeles County Operational Area. We expect additional website information added during the next several weeks.

Routine: 03-13-2016 2335 hours
To: All Members
From: Diana Feinberg, Staff 60

We still have two seats open in one of our carpools from the Lomita Station to the countywide DCS Annual Member meeting on Monday, March 21, from 1900-2100 hours at the Rosemead Community Center--please advise if you would like a ride. Our third carpool leaving from West Torrance is full but members are free to drive on their own. The annual meeting's featured presentation is by the FBI on "Homegrown Violent Extremism" and secondarily the FBI's InfraGuard program which DCS members might be interested in joining.

Routine: 03-13-2016 2345 hours
To: All Members
From: Diana Feinberg, Staff 60

DCS is seeking additional members throughout Los Angeles County after many positive changes in the past year have made DCS a better organization for all. If you know any South Bay amateur radio operators interested in joining or re-joining our DCS group please have them contact me as soon as possible. The next DCS new member training is Saturday morning, April 23, at the EOB and I will need completed applications no later than Monday, April 4. The complete set of membership forms is available on the County DCS website,, or through links shown on our District website, in the "Join Us" section.

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