Vintage Shack BC-610 & SX-28


I got a SX-28 Grey Faceplate October 1999 - 2 months after my BC-610 was in house. They were bought from the same collector - in Oslo where I live - lucky for me. The total weight was 900 lbs - 450 kg - unlucky for me.

I am customising the western shack wall - see below how the gear will fit in my shack:  

Frequency selection

From top - the SX-28 Grey faceplate, the O-39 transmitter VFO and the BC-614 speach amplifier - the 3 frequency deciding units.


The transmitter BC-610-I is dominant - in size, weight, space. After assembly - I don't manage to move it an inch.


The transmitter VFO is less dominant - until you try to lift it. 130 lbs or 65 kg. There is a temperature regulated VFO oven in there - contributing to the weight. The case is genuine Hallicrafters, but the electronics is Barker and Williams.


The BC-614 interfaces to carbon or dynamic microphones, and deliver 2 - 3 Watts LF to the AM high power modulator in the BC-610.


This SX-28 has grey faceplate and is not equipped with the SX-28 case. Why this combination I don't know, but I am doing some research among retired Norwegian communication officers which might have handled these receivers when they arrived Norway after WW2. There were produced 50.000 SX-28 receivers, and many ended here in Europe. Probably this unit was sold to the Royal Norwegian Air Force.


The Reproducer was designed for SX-42, but until I get a PM-23 this speaker will have to suffice!

BC-610-I assembly

At this stage it is still possible to move the BC-610-I a little back and forth. 300 lbs - 150 kg - is the weight of power supply at bottom and the rack assembly.

BC-610-I rack

It's heavy gear - and a lot of air.

BC-610-I AM modulator

Who said this AM modulator can put several hundred watts AF to AM modulate the single Eimac 250TH as RF PA? Not me. But the AM modulator is thick and heavy and ends up in a push-pull set of Eimac 100TH triodes running at 2000 - 2500 volts plate voltage.

BC-610-I power & AM modulator

The rack start to fill up. This was well before the 19 inch time, this is 28 inch!

BC-610-I fully equipped

The rack is full. Tubes need to be inserted and interconnections made.

BC-610-I with frontpanel

This is how it will look like. During X-mas it will be aligned and put on the air running 600 watts power CW or platemodulated AM input.

---- updated December 24th 1999 ---

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