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230 radio, 5 tube 1 band standard AM BC band, loop antenna, IF 455kHz. Production year 1952. qa

Model # 329 AM/FM/CB radio. The Freq. range is AM 530-1625 KHz, FM 88-108 MHz and CB 26.5-27.5 MHz 40 channels. It can run off Batteries or wall outlet, ferrit rod loop antenna and telescope antenna, made in Hong Kong. Production year 1979. qa

612 radio, 6 tube 1 band standard AM BC band, loop antenna, IF 455kHz. Production year 1954. qa

7002 clockradio, solid state, made in Hong Kong. Production year 1973. qa

AT-22 Antenna Tuner. This is the matching antenna tuner for the SBT-22 crystal controlled transceiver (2 MHz to 18MHz).
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AT-25B Antenna Tuner made by Hallicrafters mounted in a Hoffman enclosure. This is a remote antenna tuning device designed to tune a random wire antenna. It has a stepper motor driving a 6 position switch, with 6 individually tunable variable capacitors plus an airwound coil.
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Balsa wood glider
Balsa wood glider. Promotional item. Production year 1940. qa

CA-2 Skyfone. Aircraft transceiver, 7 tubes. TX crystal controlled 2-7MHz 10W output with 6V6 as PA, 2 band receiver 195-410kHz and 540-1610kHz, IF 455kHz. Production year 1947.
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DD1 "Skyrider Diversity" Receiving System For Short-wave Reception. 25 tubes, covering .54-46MHz in 6 bands. IF 455kHz. 250-300 produced totally, production year 1937-38.

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EC-600 Farmradio for use in rural areas without electricity, covering 540-1680kHz. IF 455kHz. 4 tubes. Production year 1946. qa

FM-48 2 band radio in walnut case covering standard AM/FM BC bands, IF 455kHz and 10.7MHz. 9 transistors. Made in Japan. Production year 1967.

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FM-66 6 tube 2 band AM/FM radio, IFG 455kHz and 10.7MHz . Production Year 1966. qa

H2M-1000 Allmode solid state 2 meter PLL transceiver 144 - 148MHz, 800 channels. 12W. Production year 1977. qa

HC-100 "Hand Command" 2 channel FM VHF walkie talkie 148-173MHz, 2W output. 26 transistors. Leather case, slide in battery pack. Production year 1968-71. qa

HC-4120 Multiline Desk telephone. Features 1 to 4 telephone lines, Tone or Pulse, FCC Registered, Hearing Aid Compatible, 9 Ft. handset/10 Ft Line Cords qa

HT-202 AC/DC table top radio. This radio is not listed in "Dachhis" Hallicrafters collectors book. Made in Canada which is not uncommon, Hallicrafters made several models in Canada, but followed the US model numbers with them. This radio has also been marketed under the name "Travellers" in the US, so Hallicrafters may have subcontracted some of their domestic stuff.

MR-150 Mobile mounting bracket for SR-150. Production year 1961-1963.
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P-26 Power Supply for HA-2 and HA-6 transverters. Production year 1962. qa

P-2000 Power Supply for Hurricane Transceiver. Production year 1965.
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RC-10 Shortwave AM receiver 3-12MHz. IF 455kHz. Crystal-controlled and receives on four fixed channels. Production year 1965.
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SBT-100 6 channel, 2-18 MHz HF transceiver. 100 watts out, covering SSB, AM and CW modes. The radio is pretuned for each frequency and has a separate antenna port for each or a common port for multiband antennas. 45 transistors, 2 tubes. Production year 1969-77.
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SM-40 "External S-meter" For S-40, S-40A and S-40B. Production year 1946-55. qa

SP-44 "Skyrider Panoramic" 10 tubes Panoramic frequency spectrum receiver. Use with any receiver with IF 455kHz. Shows spectrum 100kHz either side. Production year 1946.
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ST-83 AM/FM tuner. 455kHz and 10.7MHz IF. 12 tubes. Designed to be used with amplifier A-84. Production year 1954-55.
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VP-2 Vibrator Power Supply for running SX-28 from 6VDC source. Production year 1941-42. qa

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