Johnson Viking 122 VFO. This is a classic E. F. Johnson VFO to go with Viking 1 or 2, Adventurer, or most any vintage crystal controlled tube radio. 10, 20, 15, 40, 80, 160 meters coverage.
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Viking CW/AM Transmitter 6N2.
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Viking Adventurer CW transmitter from approximately 1955. It uses a commonly available 807 amplifier tube driven by a 6AG7 crystal oscillator circuit. It has a built-in a.c. power supply which uses a 5U4G rectifier tube. The transmitter has a pi-network output which will tune antennae from 50 to 600 ohms ("Anything from a door knob to the bed springs," they used to say.) It is designed to operate as a crystal controlled transmitter, or, as explained in the manual, to take any of the commonly available VFO's of the period. Size approx. 7.5"h x 10.5"w x 8.25"d
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Viking Challenger transmitter
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Viking Courier 500 watt linear amplifier - continuous coverage of amateur bands 80 meter and above - 500 watts cw, 200 watts am, 500 watts pep ssb - choose class c or class b operation - uses a pair of rugged 811A tubes - completely self-contained.
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Viking Invader CW, AM, SSB transmitter.

"Viking Navigator" Exciter/Transmitter, 1958 E.F. Johnson Company, Waseca, Minnesota, 13.25" wide, 10 1/16" deep, 9 1/8" high, weighs 22 lbs. Covers the old 160m thru 10 mtr bands. Has high stability, temperature compensated, integral VFO. Tubes are a a 5U4 rectifier, a VR-150 regulator, a 6X4, 6AU6 vfo, 6CL6 crystal oscillator/multiplier, 12AU7 keyer tube to avoid chirp, and a final 6146 for 40 watts output. Thanks to Mike K4QET.

This is the 1956 Vintage Johnson Viking Valiant. 160 - 80 - 40 - 20 - 15 - 10 Meter Bands. Built in VFO. Uses three 6146's in Final Amplifier. 275 Watts CW - 200 Watts AM (D.C. Power Input). Approximate weight: 85 lbs.
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Valiant ll
Viking Valiant ll - CW, AM and SSB transmitter
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Valiant 500
Viking Valiant 500 - 500W CW, AM and SSB transmitter
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