Swan 100MXA transceiver, it covers 80 - 10 metres with the 10 meter band in 4* 500 khz segments. It is rated at 100 watts.

Swan 117XC Power Supply for Swan transceivers such as HF-700S etc.
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Swan 140 tube-type mono band 40 meter SSB ham radio transceiver. Dial covers approx 7200-7300 KHz. 13 tubes including 6DQ5 PA.
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Swan 250 6 meter transceiver.

Power Supply to Swan 250 6 meter transceiver.

Swan 600T ham shortwave transceiver.

Swan 700CX ham 80-10 meter rig with 750 watt PEP input. This rig easily does 450 watts output. Matching Swan 117XC Power Supply and speaker.

Swan HF-700-S, "SS-16B SPECIAL" HF SSB transceiver, VERY rare model. See matching heavy duty power supply/speaker Model PSU-3A. Power supply/speaker has connecting plug that goes into the back of the radio. This radio covers 80 meters through 10 meters. Modes are SSB and CW. Power input is 550 watts PEP on SSB and 360 watts DC input on CW. The receiver on this is fantastic and really sounds great, very sharp and sensitive. This radio uses 2pcs 6JE6C/6LQ6/6MJ6 for final output. This radio boasts such great features as: On/Off switch, AF gain control, Cal/Rec/Trans/CW/Tune switch, Mic gain control, Carrier balance control, RF gain control, Panel meter, Main bandswitch, Output level control, Sideband selector (LSB or USB), P.A. bias control, PTT/Vox switch, Cal 100khz-25khz switch, P.A. grid control, P.A. plate control, P.A. Load, fine control, P.A. Load, coarse control, CW Filter selectivity switch. Also has AGC, ALC, grid block keying, CW sidetone monitor, and more.
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Swan Astro 102BX SSB Tranceiver. This all solid-state radio was really ahead of its time. Dual VFO, 100 watts out, 160 10 meter, variable bandwidth, hard/soft keying shaping, RF gain AND IF gain.
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Swan Astro 150 SSB Tranceiver. It covers 10-80 meters and ten meters is on just one band. CW filter and speaker is built in. Actual weight is 13.2 lbs and shipping weight is approx. 16 lbs. Front panel is 9.75 x 3.75" and it is 13" deep including knobs and heat sink.

---- updated February 2nd 2002 ---

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