Stancor 10-P amateur transmitter from the early 1950's. Its rated at 10 watts on AM and CW.
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ST-202A - this is a vintage Standard Transformer Company Transmitter Model ST-202A. It is crystal controlled covering from 10-80 meters and has 6 crystal positions. It uses an Eimac (Eitel-McCullough) 3-6004 tube in the final.
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Stancor ST-203A 10 meter AM transmitter. This Stancor ST-203A Vintage Mobile Transmitter was sold in 1948 in kit form. It is set up for use on 10 or 11 meters but can be configured to operate on 20, 40, and 75 meters. The unit puts out 27.5 watts of power and is designed for PTT operation. The unit was sold without a power supply and requires 450 volts @200MA and 6 volts @ 2.8 amps.
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Stancor 112T station transmitter and power supply.
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