Morrow Model MB-560A AM/CW Amatuer Radio Transmitter. Covers 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters.
Supplementary photos

Morrow MBR-5, double conversion superhet receiver. Covers 80-75-40-20-15-10 meter bands. "S" meter on front panel and built-in 100 KC Xtal calibrator. Requires external power supply providing 6vdc @4A. or 12vdc @ 2A. and 250vdc @ 75mA.

Morrow transmitter model PW-75. It is a crystal controlled 75 meter transmitter. it runs about 20 watts plate modulated. It runs on 12VDC.
Supplementary photos

2BR & 3BR
Morrow Radio Mfg. Co. 2BR and 3BR-1 ham radio converters which were designed for use with 1950's car radios. The converter on the left in the photo is a Morrow 2BR and has coverage for the 10 and 75 meter bands. The converter on the right is a Morrow 3BR-1 and this covers 10, 20 and 75 meter bands.

---- updated February 2nd 2002 ---

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