Meissner 150-B CW & AM Transmitter 1.5 - 12.5MHz. 150W.
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9-1081 2 1/2 meter portable FM Tranceiver. Production year xxx.
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Signal Shifter
Signal Shifter - 1 - 16,5MHz VFO. Production year 1942.

Signal Shifter
Signal Shifter. Photo Copyright 2005, Joe Veras, K9OCO. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission. See also web-page:
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Signal Splicer
Signal Splicer. Provides high signal gain without tubes. A simple higly efficient pi network, designed to accurately match the input impedance of any type of receiver to any antenna system. Provides noticeable increase in signal strength, substantial reduction in noise pick-up and decided improvement in image rejection. Especially useful when transmission antenna is also used for reception. Production year - 1940.

Meissner novice transmitter.

Uni-Signal Selector
Meissner Uni-Signal Selector. For noiceless CW reception. A complete speaker unit for CW reception only - incorporates a radically new 3 way filter which effectively elliminates everything except the desired signal. Gives superselectivity to any receiver - takes up where the chrystal leaves off. QRM and QRN is practically abolished! Special stetoscopic headphones may be plugged into the unit for ideal individual reception. Production year 1940.

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