Allied Radio Knight Model KG-220 Receiver, also known as the FM Monitor Receiver. It tunes from 30-50 Megacycles.
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Ocean Hopper
Ocean Hopper Receiver.
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R-100A Receiver.
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Signal Tracer
Knight Signal Tracer.

Space Spanner
The original Knight Space Spanner. It is a 3 tube regen receiver. Freq coverage in 2 bands is .54 mhz to 1.6mhz and 6.5 to 17 mhz.
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Span Master
Knight Span Master. Early 1960's receiver. covers 540kc to 30mc. Foreign broadcast amateur bands. .... CB band etc. 4-bands super-sensitive regenerative circuit.
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Star Roamer
Allied Knight Star Roamer Short Wave Receiver is Allied's Best Short Wave Communications Receiver.
Knight Star Roamer specs:
* Classic KnightKit Quality and Reputation.
* 5 Bands Wide Frequency Reception Range of: Sub-BC: 200 Khz. to 400 Khz., BC: 550 to 1600 Khz., SW-1: 1.8 to 4.8 Mhz., SW-2: 5.8 to 12 Mhz. and SW-3: 12 Mhz. to 30 Mhz.
* Controls for: Band Spread 0 to 100, Antenna, Band Select, Volume, Sensitivity, Tuning, AVC and ANL.
* Analog +dB S-Units Tuning Meter.
* 100% Tube operated.
* Built-in Speaker and Standard 1/4" Jack for Headphones.
* Attractively finished in Deep Charcoal Grey.
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Knight Model T-50 Novice Transmitter. It uses a 6AG7 oscillator and 807 final similar to many Handbook rigs between 1950 and 1955. It was nicely constructed and is working fine. The output is about 25 watts out on 80m, 22 watts on 40, and less on the higher bands due to the multiplication in the oscillator stage.
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T-60 This is the classic Knight T-60 Ham Radio Transmitter that so many of us used as our very first ham rig. Covers the Ham bands 80-40-20-15-10 and 6 Meters. Puts out about 50 watts on 40meters CW and about 20 watts with modulation up to about 40 watts on AM Phone.Requires a crystal or external VFO for operation. Production year yyy.
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Knight Kit Model T150 HAM 160-6m Transmitter. 150 Watts RF Output, 160-6 meter transmitter, built in VFO, external crystal and VFO socket, built in 150 watt AM modulator.

Knight T-175 6 and 10 meter amp. Uses 2 sweep tubes, 6LQ6 (or 6JE6).
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Knight Kit VFO Model V-44. It covers 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 meters.
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