Howard Miller

Howard Shortwave Receiver Model 435 This his was one of Howard's lower price radios sold in 1940/41. It is 4 band receiver covering 0.54Mhz to 40Mhz and has an internal speaker along with BFO, and bandspread.

Howard Miller World Time Clock model 612-371 and 622-339 is designed to indicate the correct Standard Time in 72 different areas of the world. In addition, 5 enlarged windows show the Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time in the various United States time zones. Daylight hours are shown on white and night hours on black background.
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Howard Miller Model 622-340 clock, and features an easy to set second time zone band displayed in 24 hour Day and Night. In the center is a map of the globe and the major cities of the world are listed around the outer edge of the face. The clock features an orange sweep seconds hand that moves in a smooth motion like a Rolex watch because this clock is powered by a mechanical movement. Like a Hamilton electric, this movement uses an electromecanical balance with a hairspring and features a regulator for fine adjustment. This clock has a wood grain look on the top and sides and measures 6 wide 8 tall and 3 deep. This clock is powered by a single C battery.
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