Harvey Wells

The Harvey-Wells Company was formed through a partnership between Clifford Harvey~W1RF, and John Wells~W1ZD in 1939.

Cliff Harvey had earlier founded Harvey Radio Labs in 1933, and prior to that, he was associated with the Hendricks and Harvey Company, another partnership. Producing police radios, transceivers, transmitters, and crystals. Their most popular product was the TBS-50 transmitter introduced in 1947, covering the 80 through 2 meter bands. In 1948, a three tube audio preamp was included, carrying the TBS-50 A model number. The last model produced was the Bandmaster T-90 ceasing in 1960.

Single side band emission became the emerging mode of choice. Harvey-Wells had no design for this type of modulation, and with nothing to offer the market place, faded into history.

ATR-3-12 Transmitter Receiver in the following range: 195-405kc and 550-1600kc.
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R-9A Bandmaster Receiver
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TBS-50 80 - 2mtr ham transmitter. Production year 1947. Three TBS-50 transmitter models were availiable, TBS-50B for CW only, the TBS-50C for carbon microphones, the TBS-50D with a built-in, three tube preamplifier for crystal or high impeadance dynamic microphones. The TBS-50c/d models supercede the original TBS-50 and 50A, and are improved models. The unit has the following controls: Starting on the base, left to right: A/B SWITCH, WITH BAND SPREAD GUAGE, ON FRONT LEFT TO RIGHT: INPUT-VFO,CRYSTAL, MIC, KEY, BAND DIAL, 1-8, CRYSTAL CONNECTOR, WITH TO PLUG PORTS UNDER CONNECTOR, CW & PHONE SWITCHES, GRID & PLATE SWITCH, POWER & OFF SWITCH, TRANSMIT & STANDBY SWITCH, DRIVE DIAL 0-14, PLATE DIAL 0-10, LAUD 0-10.
Shown on supplementary photos are also the VFO and the AM modulator.
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TS-90 AM/CW transmitter; Covers frequency range 2-12 MHZ with VFO or xtal control; 90 watts CW - 75 watts AM; Dimensions 12 3/8 W 10 1/2 D 6 3/4 H; Requires a power supply for 6/12 volt filament, 300 volts DC and 500-600 volts DC at 225 MA. Weight approximately 35 pounds.
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Harvey Wells Electronics Inc. Bandmaster Z-Match 50 ohm Input, 50 Ohm antenna LF and JF Outputs. Wattmeter on front. Selector has "Load", " Coupler" and "Antenna" positions. Has Coupling and Tuning controls. Color is light grey.

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