Gonset Converter, 6, 10 and 15 meter. Supplementary photos

Gonset Commander, 1.7mhz to 54mhz transmitter with plug-in coils. AM CW.

Communicator lll
Gonset 2mtr. Communicator lll. Production year yyy. Photo Copyright 2005, Joe Veras, K9OCO. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission. See also web-page: http://k9oco.com

Gonset G-43 general coverage receiver also known as #3241. It is a single conversion, superhetrodyne 8-tube receiver covering .540-30MHz. The speaker is built in.
Supplementary photos

G-50 Communicator
Gonset model G-50 communicator. Has a built in VFO or can be crystal controlled, has a 6146 final for apprx, 27w output The G-50 is AM mode only. Covers 50 to 54 mhz receive and transmit, has a built in 115v power supply.

Gonset G-76 has AC/speaker/power supply and mobile DC power supply.

Gonset G-77A tube ham transmitter. This set operates from the internal VFO or crystal control. It is 50 to 60 watts output on the following ham bands, 3.5-4Mc, 7-7.3Mc, 14-14.35 Mc, 21-21.45Mc, and 28-29.7 mc. It is 6 1/2"x 4 1/2" x 9" deep. It is the matching transmitter to the Gonset G-66 receiver. Production year: 1955
Supplementary photos

Gonset GC-105 "Gooney Bird" Communicator is an AM transceiver designed for use on either 12volt DC or 115 volts AC. The transmitter power output is approximately 6 watts. The frequency range is 143.5 to 148.5 mc, crystal or VFO controlled.

Super 12
Gonset Super 12 ham radio mobile converter circa late 1950's. This is a tube-type converter which allowed a car radio of the time to receive AM ham radio signals on the 10-75 meter bands. 4 band selections include 10-11, 15-19-20, 40-49 and 75 meters.

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