Globe Matcher Jr. Antennatuner. Model AT-3
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Globe Scout antenna tuner AT-4
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Globe Champion transmitter model 300-R
World Radio Laboratories "Globe Champion" model 300-R.
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Globe Chief
Globe Chief 90 AM ham transmitter The band knob settings are 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters.

Globe Scout transmitter model 65
World Radio Laboratories "Globe Scout" model 65.
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Globe HY Bander
Globe HY Bander 6 and 2 meter VHF Transmitter.

Globe R.F. amplifier, Model LA-1 which covers 6 meters through 80 meters, contains four Amperex EL-38 tubes.
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Globe V-10 VFO.

The Globe King 500B is a 500 watt input AM/CW transmitter. It uses a Eimac 4-250A in the RF deck which is modulated by a pair of 811 tubes. The VFO is external to the main unit. The transmitter consists of three decks (RF Amplifier, Modulator and Power Supply decks).
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Globe 3054 30 to 50 MHz communications monitor, 8-tubes.

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