EE-3 - Electronic Keyer made by Eldico, Inc. of Long Island City in the 1950s. The key paddle is a single large red plastic paddle. The front panel knobs include Volume ON/OFF, Close Key OFF/ON, Speed and Tone (of monitor). The case is painted gray (darker than Collins gray) with white silk-screened lettering.

M-135 - Station console that went with Eldico R-104 receiver and the T-102 transmitter. Swithces power for rx, tx, includes phone patch, RF power and SWR meter and speaker. Supplementary photos

This is an Eldico R-104 ham radio receiver, and the matching T-102 transmitter, along with the P-109 power supply. These are part of a system known as the Type S-119. A control unit known as the M-135 made up the whole set - which is not shown. Eldico emulated Collins Radio, and these radios bear a strong resemblence inside and out to the Collins S line. The set covers 80,40,20,15,10 meters and MARS frequencies. This is a US made, vintage tube radio set, same vintage as Collins S line. Eldico was started by former Collins employees. Supplementary photos

Eldico R-102 Transmitter, clone of Collins. Transmitter part of Eldico system S-119.

Eldico P-109 transmitter power supply. Part of Eldico system S-119.
Supplementary photos

SSB-100F Hamband Transmitter.

SSB-100MIL - special military rack mount edition of the SSB100. Supplementary photos

Eldico SSB1000 Linear Amplifier, with tubes 2EA.4X250'S. An interesting note is the cabinet matches the Collins 75A-4 and appears to be made by the same company. Supplementary photos

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