1960's Eico adds.

324 Signal Generator
Portable Eico signal generator model 324. Size: High 9 " Length 10 " Width 5 " Diameter - " WEIGHT : 8.8 Lbs.
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Eico 710 Grid dip meter, 7 plug-in coils.

Eico Model 717 Electronic Keyer from the 1960's. According to the manual "capable of keying a CW transmitter with perfect machine-like Morse Code at speeds ranging from 3 to over 75 words per minute."
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Eico 720 CW Transmitter.
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722 VFO to Eico 720 Transmitter.

723 Eico 60 watt C.W. Transmitter.
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730 Modulator to Eico 720 Transmitter. Introduced in 1960 the Eico 730 is an excellent plate modulator. With it you can add high-level AM to any 50 to 90 watt tube-type transmitter. It will drastically improve the AM capabilities of a DX-40, DX-60 or Globe Scout, and add phone capabilities to a Viking Adventurer, Viking Navigator, DX-20, Globe Chief, Eico 723 or Eico 720. The modulator features a 12AX7 speech amplifier stage, a 6AL5 clipper, a 6AN8 interstage buffer and phase inverter, and a pair of EL34/6CA7 modulators. The modulators are excellent performers with solid high-fidelity characteristics. And the modulation transformer offers multiple impedance taps for matching a wide range of transmitter plate impedances. It also has a tertiary winding for magnetically coupled negative feedback that reduces distortion significantly.
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Eico 735 watt meter. It has 10 watt 100 watt, and 1000 watt scales. It measures 4 3/4" wide x 2 1/4" tall x 2 1/4" deep.

Eico 753 short wave ham transceiver. It covers 80-40-20 meters on SSB, CW and AM.
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