Clegg 22'er is a 2 meter ham radio rig and dates from the 1960ís. A big, heavy, ventilated all-steel cabinet surrounds the vacuum tube chassis with the controls mounted on the front panel. The panel on the back has connectors for the antenna, remote, fuses and controls for speech gain and s-zero. About 12" by 7" by 11" deep.
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Clegg 99' 6 meter ham radio transceiver.
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Clegg Apollo 6 meter AMP. It puts out 375 Watts.

Clegg FM-27B 2 meter ham mobile radio transceiver.
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Clegg FM-28 2 meter ham mobile radio transceiver, 5w low power and 30w high output power.
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Clegg FM-88 25 watt 2 meter mobile 143-148MHz with tx offsets.

Clegg FM-88 25 watt 2 meter mobile 143-148MHz with tx offsets.

Mark 3
Clegg Mark 3. 2-meter 12 channel crystal controlled transceiver. Output is selectable between 1 watt and 15 watts. The front panel has the On-Off switch with High and Low power settings, channel selector dial, a Tx light, a volume and squelch controls, and an S/PWR meter. The rear panel has an antenna connector, a 4-pin mike type accessory connector, an external speaker jack and the power wires. It requires 13.8V DC.

Thor 6
Thor 6 is a 6 meter ham transceiver made by Clegg Laboratories of NJ model "Thor RF". and power supply model "Thor PS".
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Clegg Venus Allmode 6 Meters transceiver, 85 Watts PEP input all modes (AM, SSB, and CW).

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