2M converter
Ameco 2 meter converter. 2 meter in, 10 meter out. Built in power.

AC-1 CW transmitter. Production year yyy.
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Code Practice Oscillator
1950's vintage Ameco code practice oscillator. Has tubes, 35w4, 50c5.

Ameco Model CPS Deluxe Code Practice Oscillator. Has two tubes 35W4 and a 50C5.
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PCL HF receiver preamp.

Ameco PS-3 solid state power supply for TX-86.

Ameco Model PT Preamplifier 1.8 - 54 MHz.
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Ameco preamplifier PT-3 1.8 - 54MHz.
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R-5A receiver, matching transmitter AC-1. The receiver has 5 bands covering .54 to 1.35 MC, 1.35 to 3.5 MCm 3.5 to 9 MC, 9 to 23 MC and 23 to 54 MC. Controls are marked BANDSPREAD, Volume, BFO Tuning, Band selector A,B,C,D,E, and RF GAIN, with an on/off and AM/CW switch. The radio measures 9 X 11-1/4 X 6-1/4 inches.
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Ameco TX-62 2 + 6 Meter Transmitter Manufactured By The Ameco Equipment Corporation. The Ameco Model TX-62 Transmitter is a compact, convenient, easy-to-operate transmitter for the 6 and 2 meter bands.The TX-62 has 75 watts input on CW and 75 watts peak input on phone.It has a built-in AC power supply and modulator. All exciter circuits are broad banded. Only the final plate and loading capacitors have to be tuned. A potentiometer type drive control is used to set the drive level to the final grid tha final is operated straight through on both bands. The TX-62 uses the low distortion Arneco DUO-GRID modulation Specifications :Frequency Coverage: 50-54Mc and 144-148Mc,Power output to final: CW-75 watts,Phone -75 Watts Peak Tubes And Functions- 6GK6 crystal controlled oscillator and tripler, 6GK6 - doubler,7868-tripler on 2 meters only,7984-final,12ax7-audio voltage amplifier and 6GK6 modulator. Frequency Control: Crystal controlled, using in- expensive 8MC crystals or an external VFO can be used.Other Features Include: A Large Meter,Off/On Power,CathAnt/Grid,Vfo/Crystal,6/2 Band, Cw/Phone Switches,Mic Gain,Load,Plate,Drive Controls,Key/Mic Jack.Size 11-1/2 x 9-1/2 x 6 inches. Weight: 18-1/2 lbs.
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The TX-86 is a versatile, compact phone and cw transmitter. It runs 90 watts input and has a 6146 PA. The power supply for this transmitter is a separate unit, see PS-3. Bands covered are from 80 to 6 meters.
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Ameco VFO-621 Variable Frequency Oscillator. Manufactured By The Ameco Equipment Corporation. The Ameco VFO- 621 is a Variable Frequency Oscillator to be used with the Ameco TX-62 Transmitter or any other 50, 144 or 220 Mc transmitter that is designed to operate with 8, 12 or 24-25 Mc. crystals. The Ameco VFO-621 circuit consists of a solid state variable oscillator operating at 12 to 13 Mc. The oscillator signal is fed into a pentode buffer amplifier, a triode frequency doubler and an output amplifier working straight through. The two amplifiers and the doubler provide excellent isolation of the oscillator from the transmitter, which produces improved stability and keying, never previously available in a VHF - VFO. There is no chirp with keying. The warm-up time is very short, as the oscillator uses a transistor. The internal AC power supply is Zener Diode regulated. The dial scale is calibrated for 50-52, 144- 148 and 220-225 Mc. The scales are long, open and easy to read. For mobile operation, terminals are provided for external DC supplies (6 or 12 volts for the filaments and 100 to 150 volts for the plates). The cabinet height and finish match the TX-62 transmitter. It is 6'' high 5" wide and 7-1/2" deep. The transistor, tubes and their circuit functions are as follows: 2SC185 transistorVariable oscillator 6KZ8 tube (1/2)Buffer amplifier 6KZ8 tube (1/2) Doubler 6KZ8 tube Output amplifier, Silicon diode Power rectifier, Zener diode Voltage regulator .The controls are as follows: Power switch Band switch Tuning dial.The frequency output of the VFO-621 is from 24 to 26 Mc. This is divided into three bands. When conected to a transmitter, the output frequencies of the system (VFO and transmitter) will be as follows: Band A - 50 - 52 Mc. Band B - 144 - 147 Mc. Band C - 147 - 148 Mc. and 220 - 225 Mc. Most 6 meter transmitters use a crystal between B. 333 and B. 666 Mc. to cover the frequency range of 50 to 52 Mc. The transmitter's first stage multiplies the crystal frequency by 3 to obtain 25 to 26 Mc. This frequency is later multiplied by 2 to get 50 to 52 Mc. 8 Mc. crystals are similarly used in most 2 meter and 1-1/4 meter transmitters. The first stage triples the frequency up to 24 Mc. The multipliers that follow bring the frequency up to 144 to 148 or 220 to 225 Mc.
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