A2516 Double conversion ham band receiver. It utilizes crystal controlled dual conversion circuitry and covers the 80, 40, 20, and 15 and 10-meter bands in addition to WWV at 10 MHz. It receives AM, SSB, and CW. The dial features an anti-backlash double gear construction. It is direct reading down to 1KHz. Precise tuning of all signals including SSB is assured by the large, geared down dial speed ratio of 28:1. Superior selectivity performance is obtained by the use of a mechanical filter in the IF circuitry. The VFO circuit is equipped with convenient output terminals so that it can also be used as a VFO for the transmitter. 7 tubes & semiconductors. The receiver’s physical dimensions are 13”W x 7”H x 10” D and weighs 18 pounds. Production year 1969-1971. Made in Japan. Supplementary photos

A2581 Allied FM Communication receiver. Made in Japan. Supplementary photos

AX-190 Allied/Radio Shack all solid state Amateur Band Communications Receiver. Made In: Japan 1971-1973, Voltages: 110-120 VAC 12 VDC, Coverage: Ham (See below). Readout:Analog Linear, Modes: AM/LSB/USB-CW Selectivity: 4 kHz, Circuit: Double Conversion Physical: 15x7x10" 20 Lbs. Features: ¼" Head. Jack, S-Meter, Preselector, AGC, NL, Calibrator, AGC, Q-Multiplier, Record Jack, Mute Line, RF Gain, HFO Output. Coverage: 3.5-4, 7-7.5, 14-14.5, 15-15.5, 21-21.5, 28-28.5, 28.5-29, 29-29.5, 29.5-30 MHz. Features include Q-multiplier, preselector, 25 and 100 khz calibrator, effective AGC, ANL, notch filtering, S meter, ceramic filters. Very smooth tuning and very accurate analog dial. Dual conversion above 40 meters. Supplementary photos

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