Mil hallicrafters equipment

AT-913/APN-133 Hallicrafter GPS antennae. Model AT-913/APN-133, Part # 85X206500, P.O. CDFE 562701. NATO #5985 00 8096. These antennae were used by the military on CF-130 Hercules aircraft.



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BC610 PA coil
BC-610 PA coil.


BC-614E. Speach amplifier for BC-610.
Supplementary photos BC-614-E
Supplementary photos BC-614-I

BC-929A Panoramic receiver.


BC-939B Antenna tuner.

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21C035-E Electromode Airheater Model Hallicrafter.

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LS-3 loadspeaker.

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R19/TRC-1 Single frequency X-tal controlled FM-receiver 70 - 100MHz. 17 tubes. Production year: 1944. qa

R45/ARR7 WWII Receiver, 6 bands, 12 tubes, separate power supply. Receives AM and CW. Bands: .55 - 1.6 Mc; 1.6 - 3.0 Mc; 3.0 - 5.8 Mc; 5.8 - 11 Mc; 11 - 21 Mc; 21 - 42 Mc. IF =455kHz, BFO, X-tal filter, output jack for Panoramic Adaptor, designed for installation in military aircrafts. Electric design very similar to SX-28 but appearance is totally different. 8 in. hi X 10 1/2 in. wide X 20 deep, 36 lbs, plus power supply 14 lbs. Production year: 1944.
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R-274D Military Receiver (SX-73 Version). 6 Bands .54 to 54 MHz, Single Conversion .54 to 7 MHz / Double Conversion 7-54 MHz, 19 Tubes, IF Freq 455 KHz and 6 MHz. AC Input from 95VAC - 260VAC, 50/60Hz, 120 Watts, 58 lbs. Production year 1952.
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RBK-12 (S-36) UHF Communications Receiver. It has a 15 tube chassis with the following tubes - 5U4, 0D3, two 6V6, 956, 954, 955, 6J5, 6SL7, two 6H6, two 6AC7, 6AB7 and 6SK7. It was designed to receive AM or FM from about 27 MHz to 144 MHz. in 3 bands and can be rack-mounted. Along with the S-meter and headphone jack the front panel has the following controls: Band Switch, RF Gain, AVC - on/off, Antenna, Send / Receive, AC - on/off - Sharp / Broad, Tone - 4 position, ANL - on/off, Tuning, Pitch Control, BFO - on/off, AM / FM, AF Gain. Production year: 1952.
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RE-1 Sky Courier. Troop entertainer & morale boost portable receiver used in WW2. Frequency coverage .54 - 19MHz in 3 bands, IF 455kHz. 7 tubes. Battery and 120VAC&DC. Production year: 1942.
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TR-9 Solid state 3 band 10W AM/CW transceiver with separate VFO for receive and transmit plus 6 crystal positions. Frequency coverage 2-12MHz. Production year 1969. qa


TR-20 "Village Radio" single-channel crystal controlled AM transceiver designed to cover the 30 to 40 Mhz range. Receiver is solid-state dual conversion type, transmitter is hybrid tube/transistor with a 20 watt power output rating. A built-in power supply allows operation from either 120 VAC or 12 VDC. Controls include volume, squelch (behind panel where mic hangs), output indicator, power switch, final tune/load, and there ia high/low power switch inside. Production year 1966-69.
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TR-35 4 channel crystal controlled transceiver. 17 transistors and 2 tubes. Power output 35W, frequency coverage 2-9MHz. Production year 1966. qa

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