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Hallicrafters used several logoes on their ADs and equipment. After having seen several varieties of the same radio model, it doesn't surprise me at all that there are a lot of different logoes aswell.

What causes a variation? One obvious cause could be a set of independent engineers in the production teams, wanting to demonstrate and display their individualities. This is a way to obtain job-satisfaction, to accomodate a certain freedom within limits. In my own country it is called "high roof-height". High Roof-height is satisfying for an engineer - but it is not free.

Most logoes here will be unrestored, and just as many of us have picked up and restored hallicrafters radios, I hope some modern hallicrafters fans will pick up and restore the logos. There should be a difference though - the restored hallicrafters radio - is the property of the owner - but since a logo is a symbol - a restored hallicrafters logo should be the property of the whole hallicrafters community.

Source: Receiver SX-18.

Source: QST January 1937, an hallicrafters ADs.

Source: Magnet of speaker R-12T

Source: Magnet of speaker PM-23

Source: hallicrafters microphone

Source: hallicrafters tuner ST-83

---- updated July 2001 ---

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