FPM - Transceivers

The FPM series of hallicrafters transceiver were hybrid (containing both solid state devices and tubes).

FPM-200 Solid state tranceiver with 100W valve output on SSB, 90W on CW. 2 separate VFOs, dual conversion receiver. 41 transistors and 5 tubes. Production Year 1961. qa


FPM-300 Transceiver was the last HF equipment produced for the Amateur Radio market under the Hallicrafters name. The FMP-300 was a hybrid rig that was all solid state with the exception of a 12BY7 driver and a 6KD6 final. 3 ICs, 19 bipolar transistors, 14 FET transistors, 2 tubes. The power output was 100 watts. 9MHz crystal lattice filter. Production Year 1972-74. Photo Copyright 2005, Joe Veras, K9OCO. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission. See also web-page: http://k9oco.com
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FPM-300 "Safari" The Hallicrafters FPM-300 Mark II Transceiver sold for $625.00. Cosmetic changes from FPM-300, such as use of printed circuit switches. Production Year 1972-74. qa

FPM-364 Solid state tranceiver with 100W valve output. Production Year 1972-74.

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