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Hi my name is Ed Deringer. I have been an amateur radio operator since March 1961. At that time I lived in Brooklyn, NY. My first call was WV2SQY. This soon changed to WA2SQY on sept 1961. The "V" denoted novice. My first rig was a crystal controlled 6146 running 75 watts. Had alot of 40 meter crystals, no vfo's allowed at that time. The receiver was a home brew regenitive receiver, with plugin coils for band switching. I later aquired an army surplus BC348Q Receiver. Spent alot of time on 40M cw. (7.100 to 7.150) When I upgraded to general I added A VFO and A Home brew pair of 1625's to plate modulate the rig. Those were the days AM was king. I soon upgraded to a heathkit DX100B transmitter.Purchased a Drake 2A receiver used from an old friend Benny(WA2UWP) who is now an SK. My next major upgrade was a Hallicrafters HT37 transmitter, this was my first SSB rig. SSB was just showing up on the ham bands. At that time I started getting interested in DX. So I decided to build my first home brew amplifier. This was a pair of push pull 450TL's with 4000 volts on the plates, the rectifiers were a pair of 872B's mercury vapor tubes. What a great blue glow from those tubes. My favorite part of the hobby is DX'ing. My DXCC totals at this time including deleted countries (11) are 338/349. Since I am now over 300 countries I have reached my next goal DXCC Honor Roll. I am a member of the Hilltop Transmitting ASSN. At the present time I have an ICOM IC-765 tranceiver and a Heathkit SB221 amplifier with ten meters added. The SB-221 has been modified for full break in CW. I now have the tower and it has been relocated to my NEW QTH in PA. Take a look at the tower pix. My favorate band is 20 meters second is 15m. I do about 60% cw and 40% ssb. If you hear me on the air give me a shout.



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