Although the Rig is in a modest amount of space in the bedroom. It is quite functional. I have just upgraded to a business desk. Antenna switching is done via an Ameritron RCS-8V remote coax switch.Just installed an Idiom Press Rotor EZ-kit w/RS232.Laptop is an Lenovo T430 with Amateur Contact Log logging software running under Windows 10.

ICOM IC-765 with matching SP-20. The optional 250 cycle CW filter (FL53)is also installed. I have found the ICOM to be an excellent DX transciever.This rig was purchased Used but it look brand new. Above the rig is a Heathkit SA-2060A Antenna Tuner.

The workhorse amplifer here at KX2S. This SB221 which was modified back to an SB220. I kit built this amp in late 1979. A year ago I lost the plate transformer. This was replaced and all Harbach modifacations were added. The bleeder resisters were also updated. Just Replaced the origional Eimac 3-500Z's with a matched pair of Taylor 3-500ZG's. I also upgraded the Amp to QSK installing the AG6K kit. Note the updated look all black with matching front panel

A Few Awards I have aquired.

My small collection of Keys and Bugs. (note old station)From left to right Nye Master Key, Old Speed-X, Wilson Grimmer, Recent Vibroplex Bug, Old Japanese Coffin Bug, The Bencher, Smooth as silk 1948 Vibroplex Deluxe Bug. ,All are functional and all are used.

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