About Nebraska

Nebraska is located in the heartland of the U.S., with an area of 77,227 sq.mi. and a population of 1,600,000. Its neighboring states are South Dakota to the north, Iowa and Missouri to the east Colorado and Kansas to the south, and Wyoming to the west. Part of the Louisiana Purchase, it was home of various Plains Indian tribes when Lewis and Clark explored it in 1805. Nebraska, an Indian word meaning "flat river", describes the Platte River which flows eastward through the center of the state. Omaha, on the west bank of the Missouri River, is the home of the Leo Meyerson Radio Collection, billed as "The World's Largest Amateur Radio Exhibit." Across the river in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Leo Meyerson, WØGFQ, founded World Radio Laboratories, a once prominent manufacturer of amateur radio equipment. Lincoln, 70 miles southwest of Omaha, is the state capital and the former home of Hy-Gain Antennas.

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