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Hello All Thanks for dropping in... This is my Web page, Hope you find it useful.. My Qth: is Northern California  in Anderson Area..
I got into Amateur Radio back in 1992, One Great Hobby..
am a Member of  SCARES Team ready to go when called upon. I am into Emergency .Home brew Antennas on the 2 Meter
Band witch one will perform the best. the J-Pole is a good Antenna, but the gain is a little low for getting out. of buildings
nothing beats a vertical up in the air so I am in search of the best indoor antenna I can find...
Tell me of your best Antenna you use...Just E-Mail Me.......Way down at the bottom of the page..

Scanner Freq. Links & Info. ...
  Here is a few  Freq.'s for the Scanner.                                                                                Shasta Co & Tehama

  Scanner Buffs Great Page.                                                                                                 SCARES Home page
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 Page That best describes the Amateur Operator.

My First try with a Digital Camera..hihi
the AFGA CL 18.

  This is My Radio Station with the Grand Old Computer  350mhz ...

Astron RS-35M Power Supply.
Pyramid  Gold PS-9K Power Supply..
Kenwood TS-140s...
MFJ Versa Tuner 949E...........                                                                 Want List:
Azden Pcs-4000....                                                                                  
Kam Plus Tnc.....                                                                                     
Alinco DR-110  2-Meter Mobile.....
Icom IC-2000 2 Meter.....
Htx-202 2 meter ht........
Htx-404 70 cm ht...........
Time wave DSP-9 noise filter........
Pro 2037 Scanner..........
Kenwood TR-2400A...........looking for Mic 4 pin
G5RV  160-10 meters up 35 ft.............
5-BTV Vertical..............
WYSE  WY-50 Dumb Terminal..............
Te-32 Tone Encoder.............
SSC Tone Encoder...........
Compaq LTE 5300 Laptop platform windows 98 se..........
Simpson Model 464 Digital Ohm Meter.........Nice unit......
Heathkit Tube Checker.......1965
Macintosh Plus..........
Macintosh 1 MB.......
Microwave Oven to keep coffee hot.........
Antenna 2 Meter M-Square 4 Element up 35.6 ft.....
Diamond F-22A Vertical 6.2 db. up 42 ft......
Diamond X500HA Dual Band 2/440 8.2/11.8 db.......
Communications Specialists TE-32 Encoder..............
Installing 40 ft. Crank up Tower.........(New Project)
Looking for the AR-500XL Remote Control Antenna Rotor......
Mirage B-310-G Vhf Amplifier 8 in 100 Watts Out................ amp                                                                           
Kenwood TM-V7A Daul Band Mobile 144/440.................... tm-v7a
PC Programable w/ PG-4S Cable Software free from the Kenwood Site..

Everything is hooked to the Computer so if it goes out... "that's it"

My Radio Room   "Shack"
The Shack     Shack Rules                Another Project Tower & Antenna's

A portable communications Station

My New Project:
Building a SCARES Boom Box, Portable Station It will make it a lot faster when called out just grab it and Go.
The Power supply and Radio witch I used a Radio Shack Htx-212 2 Meter Mobile
The Box is 24 inches Long by 10 inches Wide, just enough room to mount Radio, Fans to keep everything
Cool the Power Supply is 10 Amp Trip Light May have to upgrade to a 14 Amp Supply will see how this works out
Looking for some gel cell battery's to put inside now for Low power Communication atleast 10 watts.
This is a Good Project to start off the New Year 2003.

Do a search on the web for ares boom box there you can find Plans on making the SCARES BoomBox..

Here is a Pic of my Version of the SCARES Boom Box
At Best my version is more Simple..

       Almost Here its almost Done!                                         

In wiring the BoomBox Use wire of the same gauge as the Vhf radio,  in order to avoid a Voltage drop on your power leads. Be careful that the DC power supply is no higher than 13.8 volts..
On the right side is the outake fan 80ma. On the front I put a switch for the main speaker to turn off so the ext. input on back can be used for Packet or another speaker..
SCARES seems to want to start using Packet Radio,  I think is a great idea, most of us have a Tnc laying around gathering dust... and with the low activity of Packet you can find the KPC-3 and other Tnc's for a good deal the one I installed
in the BoomBox is a KPC-3 witch I got on for 40.00 in good shape..  I added other Items to the Box such as
the Items below..
above the 2 Meter, is a clock, the gauge on the far left is a Amp Meter 10 Amps Max.. on the side is the volt gauge
reads 2 volt scale up to 15v
I used a utility knife razor sharp & thin..  make sure of your cuts, have it right the first time.
The wiring took some work to figure out going from AC/DC to DC with a flip of a switch got one of those DPDT
Toggles (275-1533) at Radio Shack.. worked real well.
Power supply Red Wire to the toggle then to the  radio the other side of the switch I wired to the battery + red wire
then back to the toggle to complete the circuit. worked out to be Toggle Up Battery Power --Down Ac from the Power Supply.
The Black Wire right to the radio from power supply & Battery together I used a weak battery
so I could test the voltage to see if it would be different from Power Supply to Battery. it worked.. (cool)
it don't take long to drain a battery down to 10 volts. most of these new Radios don't like low voltage so the bigger the battery the longer you can transmit with it witch makes sense but these larger batteries are Heavy your looking
at more than 20 lbs plus you need more room to house it in the box... I have a car battery that I am going to put on floor run the feed line from battery to box input jacks use a toggle to turn off the box battery power to car battery
I had a lot of fun just sitting there going that might work hihi....
this will make setup time a lot faster than 20 min. hook up Antenna flip a switch your up and running in about 5 min.
The KPC-3 seems to be the best so far for size..
Also looking for a way to add a DB25  Computer Laptop Interface  Hook-up, that way you don't have to
to open the top of the BoomBox  with wires hanging out...
It looks good from the out side....On the inside make sure you secure the battery for transit, & that all connections
are tight & solder real well (remember after Boombox is complete, It will have quit a Value to it & a short could result in damage to the Radio or anything in the Boombox..
Most Important thing to Remember is to build your BoomBox for AC power outages (Emergency Status)..
"New Idea" I added a 2nd Radio on top of Box Azden 2 meter for packet seem to make sense to me that way one for voice the other for Packet data Radio...  the box is setup for the 2 meter band as well as 70 cm for now.. the only draw back I have found with the Boombox is it takes a sturdy Table Top to support its bulk,  Its the Batteries that make it Heavy... Would not want to Carry it Far... so the Wire tote sounds like a good Idea that way one trip does it all and if the AC does go out all you have to do is flip a switch an Communications restored...
Now that I have the BoomBox built I am in search of more Complex circuits like a Transfer circuit from ac/dc auto...
small enough to be mounted into the Boombox itself..
and I already have plans for a new improved Boombox.....It never ends  ..
one Idea was to install the items in an old computer Case with handle added to it to carry it.. I looked at one of the
computer power supplies, but did not like the wave form on the Oscilloscope no filtering of RF noise look like a X-Mas Tree no wonder they make so much noise on the Hf Bands ...

sidd volt  

Planed on using the X-C 6000 laptop, but that darn thing is just to hard to see at times, ( the only thing the XC-6000 has going for it is that it can be powered with 12 volts)  I like a color Monitor The Compaq LTE -5300 was picked needed something with CD-Rom Drive, Disk Drive, & phone port plus the Windows98se
was better also Paid about 130. bucks for it so not to bad of a price... The only thing is Power so I got a Jensen 160 watt AC/DC Power Inverter at Idle it pulls 1 amp off the Battery..  Total amps pulled is 2.13 Amps  8 Amps keying
the Radio, Laptop batteries just don't work long enough
2 hours at the most looking for a power cord for laptop to hook to Car Battery for longer life, or to plug in a lighter
socket never did like the sockets to much you cant pull a lot of amps through one max. is about 6 to 8 amps for the plastic ones.....make sure all connections on inside are covered for shorts real well.... also the dust filter I put on the intake fan was worth the price it don't take to long in a dusty environment to collect a lot of dust ..
one day i loaded up all this stuff to see if i could carry it.....Battery, Laptop, and Box, Antenna....and overnight Bag
the whole point was to make it fast and thinking of a small light plant
plus the Gas...
Now Looking for something with Wheels like a Dolly or the large Wire totes witch you could mount a 13x8 inch
flat piece of metal for a shelf to hold the Equipment.....
so this is going to take some thought take only what you need..........I am almost done building the BoomBox
Its been a lot of fun...the only real expense in parts was the Meters. Amp Gauge & Volt Meter...

Here is the Back of the BoomBox,  I used  the A.C. hook up the 3 prong AC connector off of an old Pc Power Supply
& Above the fan, I installed banana jacks from the Power Supply to have an Extra 12v power source.
The Antenna hook up is a right angle hooked the radio to,  I changed  the right  angle  to  a  1  7/8 inch Bulkhead
type so it will be tight not lose.. The fan on the back is the Intake 95 ma blows right on the power supply to keep it cool..

The Tray can hold the Items such as the Mic, Fuses,Packet Interface Cables..Ect

Small Speaker                                   5.00
KPC-3 Tnc                                       40.00
Box Wal-Mart 24 inch                      7.98
Volt Meter                                      10.00
Amp Gauge                                     16.00
Wire                                                  4.55
Speaker Yard Sale                           1.00
Mast                                               20.00
5/8 Ground Plane Antenna            40.00

          Deskjet HP 320 Printer & can run off of 6 volt Battery...
                          LapTop is a Compaq LTE-5300

Coax  x 80 ft.
going to change the Coax with RF-9913 better Coax...
Antenna 5/8 wave Ground Plane   (Still working on Mast Idea..)
Here is a Pic of the mast it took 17 pieces in total to get it where it could be broke down to toss in a trunk of a car
3 sections of 48 inch 1 1/2 inch pvc pipe at the top of the mast is 3/4 inch into a 5/8 wave Antenna, I am going to start
with about 80 ft. of Coax..
I Put a 26Ah Gel Cell Battery for low power communication 5 watts.
After the Box was completed.. the Box is about 35 lb..
make sure you get a tuff box with a good handle to support the weight..
"Good Luck with your Project" KO6JT

  Monitoring The California Dept. of Forestry
Download Paket 6.2
Qth. Com Classifieds

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Clubs in the Redding & Anderson Area:
A.R.C.A. Amateur Radio Club of Andiron
 SCARS Shasta Cascade Amateur Radio Society.

Looking for Equipment for Amateur Radio Here's a Site to
get in Trouble with the YL......****

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Download a Few Amateur Radio Programs

Hyperlog  4.14 Download  Best Logging Program Ever (HYPERLOG).

 PaKet 6.2 Download 6.2  
This maybe the Last Version that VK2DHU, Tony will make (Great Program) get your Copy..

Echo Link Download

Sites of Interest
N. California Quakes

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J-Pole Antennas Links:
Portable 2 Meter Jpole
Simple 2 Meter J-POLE
Copper 2 Meter J-Pole
Ham Radio Projects
2M/70cm Daulband J-Pole - Antenna

5-BTV is a 5 band Vertical HF Antenna..
dant 2 meter Dipole Swr 1:1 works quit well out performs the Rubber Duck by Far...
when hung in Vertical the wave form matches the Vertical Repeater Antenna's ....


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Why an Amateur Radio Operator is called a "HAM" Have you ever wondered why we radio amateurs are called "HAMS"? Well it goes like this - the word Ham was applied in 1908 and was the call letters of one of the first amateur wireless stations operated by some members of the Harvard Radio Club. They were Albert S. Hyman, Bob Almy and Peggy Murray. At first, they called their station Hyman - Almy - Murray. Tapping out such a long name in code soon called for a revision and they changed it to HY - AL - MU, using the first two letters of each name.

Early in 1909, some confusion resulted between signals from amateur wireless HYALMU and a Mexican ship named HYALMO, so they decided to use only the first letter of each name and the call became HAM.

In the early pioneering unregulated days of radio, amateur operators picked their own frequency and call letters. Then as now, some amateurs had better signals than some commercial stations. The resulting interference finally came to the attention of congressional committees in Washington and they gave much time to proposed legislation designed to critically limit amateur activity.

In 1911, Albert Hyman chose the controversial Wireless Regulation Bill as the topic for his thesis at Harvard. His instructor insisted that a copy be sent to Senator David I. Walsh, a member of one of the committees hearing the bill. The Senator was so impressed, he sent for Hyman to appear before the committee. He was put on the stand and described how the little amateur station was built and he almost cried when he told the crowded committee room that if the bill went through, they would have to close up the station because they could not afford the license fees and all the other requirements which were set up in the bill.

The debate started and the little station HAM became a symbol of all the little amateur stations in the country crying out to be saved from menace and greed of the big commercial stations who didn't want them around. Finally, the bill got to the floor of Congress and every speaker talked about the poor little station "HAM".

That's how it all started. You will find the whole story in the Congressional Record. Nationwide publicity associated station HAM with amateurs. From that day to this and probably to the end of time, in radio, an amateur is a HAM.

Reprinted from Mike and Key, and Florida Skip.

Made available on the internet through the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society

Amatuer Radio isn't just talking .. Amatuer Radio isn't just morse code ... Amatuer Radio is a fun learning curve where you can set the pace ... and it is a family oriented hobby ... where the toys can be built at home ... with or without help from friends ... Communicate across your hometown, into the next county or state ... another country and other continents ... Amateur Radio is so much fun words can't describe it all ... Yes, you can connect your computer to it ... and aim towards a satellite or the moon ... or use FM packet for local contact ... or contact an Astronaut inside a space ship ... Amatuer Radio is just as much tinkering now as it was 60 years ago.

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