Among these pages are construction projects for the homebrewer.  While LF oriented, some should be useful for other aspects of the radio hobby as well.  Also listed here is some equipment that I've overhauled or rebuilt. 
                      Hey Dude, Melt Some Solder  

BCB Reject Filter   BCB Band Reject Filter                                                Re-manufactured Hammarlund SP600 Receiver   Re-manufactured SP-600 receiver

KO6BB Multicoupler #1 PDF File   KO6BB Multicoupler #1 PDF File                                Roelof's LM-380 Audio Amplifier   Roelof's LM-380 Audio Amplifier  

KO6BB Multicoupler #2   KO6BB Multicoupler #2                                               Roelof's Pitch Shifter   Roelof's Pitch Shifter 

Low Pass BCB Reject Filters   BCB Reject Low Pass Filters                                        Tunable LF Preamplifier   Tunable Low Frequency Preamplifier

Mitch Lee LF receiver   Mitch Lee LF Receiver                                                  Premium LF/HF Preamplifier  Premium LF/HF Preamplifier

Mitch Lee LF Receiver   Poor Boy's Crystal Filter                                               To the parts information pages.  Parts and Components

  PA0LQ Narrow Audio Filter

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