Since 1990, I have been visiting and operating from the Island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands.


Caribean mapThe Turks and Caicos Islands are located 550 miles southeast of Miami and about 90 miles east of Cuba.



T&C MapProvidenciales is on the western part of the chain. It is called "Provo" for short and is served by Jet service from Miami

Provo MapProvo is about 21 miles long by 1-3 miles wide. Population about 3500. Noted for its great diving and snorkeling.


When I began visiting the island it was "undiscovered" by tourists. Over the decade that has changed. There now are two large hotel-resorts and a Club Med on the island. In 1990 my friend, KB4IRS, and I operated out of a small hotel but we soon learned that A local ham, Jody Millspaugh, was beginning to rent a small cottage called the Hamlet to visiting hams. All of our subsequent trips have been at Jody's Hamlet.

"Hamlet" on ProvoThis is the Hamlet overlooking the beautiful sea. Some of the antennas and beams are visible.


A stay at the Hamlet is very comfortable and there is much to do besides radio. There is a great golf course on the island, a walk to 1st class snorkeling, swimming, diving and restaurants.

I have also operated some contest on Provo as VP5A.

Provo is IOTA NA-002.


My QSLs from Provo operations are below

T7C QSL card 1991Recent T&C QSL cardVP5 QSL cardsContest Card VP5A

Hope to work you from Provo soon!!

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