The Cats:

Here is Eme doing one of her famous tricks, jumping over my arm:

Mvc-030f.jpg (69182 bytes)

And again:

Mvc-031f.jpg (77398 bytes)


And a high five reward:

Mvc-033f.jpg (73787 bytes)


This is "Gold Kitty" who belongs to my brother Jerry and his wife Judie:

Mvc-005f.jpg (69732 bytes)


This is Jessica, also Jerry and Judie's:

Mvc-008f.jpg (69496 bytes)


This is our own Eme:

Mvc-019f.jpg (65699 bytes)

Mvc-024f.jpg (88817 bytes)


Got milk?

Mvc-023f.jpg (65177 bytes)

Mvc-001f.jpg (64028 bytes)

The END.