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Part 97 LAW

East Bay ARC

U C Berkeley ARC


USS Horrnet Radio Club

San Francisco Radio Cub

Reno Scanner

Web SDR.org

Iraqi ARC


Digital SSTV


John D. Kraus

Multicoupler DIY project

DIY projects by K06BB


Current station setup

  • x5 Raspberry Pi's:APRS Xastir server KJ6DZB-4 with the Pi-TNC, runs HSMM-PI, another hosts a Dump 1090 A/C mode recever w/ a Rpicamera on the roof, A pair of RPI B+ provide RTL-tcp server one hosts a PAM-7Q GPS via UART and both Rpi's get a pps pulse from the PAM-7Q via gpio 4.
  • Yaesu 857D W/ Cat--Sereal cable & Data IO to 1/8"

  • IC208h
  • MFJ Versa tuner 949B
  • SoftRock RX Ensemble II on a (GHPSDR3 Server).
  • Ubiquiti Nanostation M2, Nanostation LOCO M2, Bullet2 M2,and Bullet2hp Wierless Hardware and some antennas for a AREDN network.
  • Dell core2 @3ghz 4gb ram ubuntu 14.04 Primary.
  • 29 amp 12DC power supply
  • RS-20A 12DC power supply
  • RS-7A 12DC power supply

    --Radio Robotics--


    --My Antennas--

    Antennas link

    --Weather Data--

    NOAA wether stat image

  • --LOG's--


    map log photo



    I've had the opotunity to op other stations: W6BB, NB6GC, W6LY.

  • Map Log 2014
  • @QRZ.com
  • FD 2010...
  • FD 2011 W6CUS FD 2011 log .adi
  • Graph of the Team's SSB QSO's over Time.

    fd log 2011

    "Fied Day 2011" blog by Rich KY6R

    -Califorina QSO Party 2011

    -Michigan Bluff,CA DX Dxpedition



    ARISAT-1 lanch imagesLanch DAY...

    ~W6BB on BB-61 USS Iowa ~

    w6bb history

    uss iowa bb-61

    258 logged qso's, check the log here w6bb-uss-iowa12.adi

    ~W6BB UCBARC KPH Trip~

    KPH rca station


    The Pip, 8S1Shch : 5448 kHz (day)/ 3756 kHz (night)

    UVB-76 : 4625 kHz

    The Squeaky Wheel : 3828 kHz (night) / 5473 kHz (day)

    RADIO HABANA CUBA : 6100 Khz 05:00UTC - 07:00UTC (worth the qsl they send mail!!)

    Ghosts in the air glow from HAARP (My QSL REPORT)

    ~ASTATIC D-104~

    ASTATIC D-104 Biuld 2015