We Need You
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We Need You!


Why do we need you?  

We need you because it's you that makes the hobby.  You do not have to be a ham operator to be in this club,  you do need to be active in this part of the hobby due to the walking, driving, making projects, and general fun. And maybe if your not a ham operator you just might want to be.

We need you!

Because every device that the board members design and build takes a lot of time and money to put together.  Simple boxes for picnics and park activities cost more that your average picnic setup cost.

We want you!

Because we need technical minded and sometimes sly individuals to come up with ideas to stump the most active foxhunters out there.

It takes a lot of ideas and a lot of time to come up with these timestamp, voice controlled, remote controlled and other sophisticated devices.

So please join, if you don't want to join at least donate materials and promote the hobby of foxhunting.  See our Donate page for further on what we need.

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