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Hardware Items

Your broken HT's  or mobiles, if they transmit and you can read the screen to program them we want them. We don't care if the can receive Thumbwheel, Crystal or PLL ...the later would be better but we are not picky. 
Ammo Boxes Rectangle deep style, please none that are rusty or without the watertight seal in the hinge door, due to the electronics needing weatherproof protection.
Your KIDS broken voice toys,  this is for the fun of the devices, please only devices that have an intelligent voice in them no funny noises or erratic sound bites due to PART97, we have used buzz lightyear and similar devices for this and they work good.Firby's also are legal if you have one that the body is not any good any more eyes don't work ect but the voice works that is fine.
Your pocket voice recorders any chip recorder will work, got a new one for Christmas want to get rid of the old one. Also those voice record cars and frames they come in handy also.

  Please NO tape recorders they don't work for these applications.

Sealed Lead Acid, Nicad, NM rechargeable batteries, in these types.

1.2 volt

AA, AAA C, D  wafer style

3 volts

Camcorder batteries, Celphone Batteries, other devices

4.5 volt  Cells

6 volts   Alarm batteries, Emergency Lights, Exit signs, Ect.

9 volts  very few needed of this one.

12 volts   MOST NEED  at 7.0AH or  5 AH must have at least 75 percent usage left on battery to be any good to the device.

Charging circuit boards ripped out of the above devices and equipment are need also.

Solar Panels

Need used solar panels that are small and compact to provide 3 to 12 volts 10ma to 2amps for recharge of foxes in long term applications.

Remote control RF devices to control car starters, car alarms, DTMF devices, 12v relays, digital time clocks small footprint style with output means.
Antenna's 2meter, 440  NMO STYLE or BNC , stainless rods from car antennas, scrap stainless or aluminum rods 1/16 to 1/8 diameter
Aluminum square tubing at least 4ft x 1in. and 1/8 aluminum rods 2ft long.
Your broken tape measures
PVC tubing white 1/2 stock tees, 90s, couplings, pipe, end caps.


Want to participate in this but don't want to do it.   We always need new locations to put these foxes for hunts, we also need a telemetry transmitter repeater location for Weather data recover and foxhunting have a 100ft or higher tower or office/ condo building that you would like to donate space we would much appreciate it, this is a non-invasive non-interference repeater type accepted and FCC PART 97 enforced device for only hobby use no financial gain (the members spend more on the hobby than we ever get donated).

So if you can help email us or call.

[email protected] [email protected] or 561-616-0195